Working in partnership to achieve business transformation for NS&I – Case Study

Working in partnership with NS&I to create customer centric services, reduce costs and increase productivity through business transformation.

NS&I Business Transformation Case Study
Since the 1990s, NS&I has faced significant business challenges, but has overcome them in partnership with Atos. NS&I is now one of the largest savings institutions in the UK, with over 26 million customers and more than £102 billion invested.

Critical to its successful business transformation, in 1999 NS&I outsourced its entire operations department, with 4,200 staff joining Siemens IT Solutions and Services* – now Atos – under TUPE regulations.

The transformation project is a partnership, underpinned by close collaboration at senior management level. Atos is a permanent member of the NS&I Executive Committee, and most NS&I operational committees have Atos representation. NS&I and Atos set strategy together, develop action plans, and resolve issues.

This collaboration has delivered significant success. On a ‘like-for-like’ basis, stripping out the impact of growth and inflation, the Atos contract is estimated to have contributed some £530 million in cost savings for NS&I. Employee productivity has improved by around 400%. Key Performance Indicators in 2012/13 measure an impressive 99.68. During 2012-13, Atos successfully retained the contract after a competitive process. The new contract will now run to at least 2021, driving new benefits and saving British taxpayers more than £400m. In the years ahead, there will be a focus on making NS&I easier to do business with through reducing customer effort with customer centric services and a managed migration to direct self service channels.

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Working in partnership to achieve business transformation for NS&I – Case Study

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