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The Businesses of the 21st century face incredible challenges and opportunities

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The Future of Work report, in collaboration with Richard van Hooijdonk, takes you on an inspiring journey exploring the most profound trends which will shape how we’ll all work in future. To access the full report, we invite you to participate in a short survey, to share insights on your own working environment and its readiness for future ways of working.

The survey covers topics including flexible working, wellbeing, and the exciting ways technology is being used in the workplace. It shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to complete and the survey will close on the 31st of July 2017. Are you ready for the future? Find out by taking our survey.

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It’s work, but not as we know it.

The world of work is rapidly evolving as new technologies come to the fore. We are “always on”, working more flexibly and we are no longer connected to the traditional office. The pace of technological change is fast, and getting faster, so what will it look like in years to come? In The Future of Work trends report, in collaboration with futurist Richard van Hooijdonk, we explore the trends that will dominate the workplace over the next 20-30 years.

This e-book is a short summary of our full trends report, providing you with some of the insights and knowledge to future proof your own organization. Find out what work and skillsets will look like – from robots in the workplace to self-organizing teams to mood-sensing offices – and share and discuss the findings with your colleagues. Start the future of work conversation today.

Download the ebook now so that you can begin to prepare and adapt. To access the full Future of Work report, please take the survey above.

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Your Future of Work starts with Atos Digital Workplace…

Atos Digital Workplace

40% of employees will be millennials in 2020. Are you ready?

The minute you unchained employees from their desks, you started a revolution. Motivation and productivity are now heavily influenced by the qualities of the digital workplace you provide.

Atos will help you balance freedom and control – creating an agile, secure and affordable digital workplace in which your employees can thrive.

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… and is reinforced by:

Atos Codex, Insight-Driven Outcomes

Data will become increasingly important in the future of work

Atos Codex is the world’s first business-focused portfolio for data-driven business transformation in every market. With deep domain knowledge and expertise, we have a complete set of solutions and capabilities to design, build, run and secure your smart business services and data platforms.

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Atos Canopy Orchestrated Hybrid Cloud

‘By 2020, a corporate “no-cloud” policy will be as rare as a “no-Internet” policy is today. (Gartner)’

Mobility, analytics, cognitive, and the internet-of-things. These are the technologies and practices which underpin digital transformation.

No organization can exploit these without making cloud the foundation. Atos Canopy delivers a rigorous and comprehensive suite of orchestrated hybrid cloud services. Atos Canopy ensures the agility, scalability and security required by any organization committed to digital transformation.

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Only 60% of management time is spent on productive activities. Could we do better?

Over the years, the legacy systems on which you rely have themselves become a barrier to achieving the simplicity and agility you need to succeed in the digital economy. SAP HANA offers a platform for effective real-time business, and Atos provides the business insight and technical skill you need to exploit its potential to the max.

With over 12,000 SAP experts in 72 countries , Atos is ready to ensure that your use on SAP HANA creates genuine and differentiating business advantage.

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Future of Work blog posts

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Could robots make you less ‘robotic’ at work?

Ever since the Industrial Revolution, we’ve seen a level of nervousness surrounding machines… but if we look at some of the traditional working practices, it would seem the workers of previous generations acted more like robots than those of today! Would you like to read more?

Biometrics, mood sensors and green spaces: Welcome to the office of the future

Imagine watching an employee arrive at work in the year 2036. She touches a sensor to gain access to the building; it scans her fingerprint and collects a sample of DNA from her skin. The door opens instantly and she walks through, past lush, green spaces. The office senses her presence as she moves from the door and because it knows she likes the room a little warmer, it slowly brings the temperature up two degrees. As her co-workers arrive for work some take a seat while others stand. Each is wearing the latest augmented reality tech, projecting private images and emails, ready to tackle the job in hand. This is the office of the future. Would you like to read more?

Future of Work: Professional skills needed in the dawn of the 4th Industrial Revolution

The 21st century puts way more emphasis on the use of information, over the possession and ability to reproduce of facts and figures. This will increase exponentially, as more data is produced by IoT and other sources. And is transformed into information without disclosing the sources, means, and algorithms of this transformation. Would you like to read more?

Future of Work: Professional skills needed before 2020

Some special skills make the difference in addition to the technical skills of any professional. These skills enable professionals to stand out from the crowd – and prepare for what is to come. In this blog, we look into a special and discerning capability: Visual thinking. Would you like to read more?

Future of Work: Spotting future talents

New and matured evolved technology will enable businesses and consumers to interact in new ways, using wearable devices to assist us in the way we will live, work and do business. By 2020 the 4th Industrial revolution will be in full swing globally, effectively eroding local and global monopolies of both intellectual and physical work. Would you like to read more?

Do you have a growth mindset to achieve success?

Imagine you are asked to solve a difficult question or take on a task that is outside your field of expertise. Would you embrace the challenge or would you think you are not smart enough? If the latter is the case, think again as you have the ability to train your brain. It’s not grades and qualifications that will get you to the top, it’s having a growth mindset. Would you like to read more?

How the future of work will help shape the digital society

A technological revolution is currently taking place which could fundamentally change the way we live and work. Progress being made in the fields of robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) pose both opportunities and challenges to the human race. While robots bring with them many benefits: they are cost effective and able to relieve humans of more manual, repetitive work, as I covered in my previous post, there are fears they could end up taking jobs currently held by their human colleagues. This article explores a number of factors…

Is work still working for you? Wellbeing and happiness drive business success

The influx of new digital technologies is exposing us all to an unprecedented flood of information and emails that we feel compelled to read and respond to at all hours. And, with demand for our time increasingly exceeding our capacity, we’re struggling to bring our skills and talent to life. Many organizations are making a conscious effort to increase motivation and wellbeing amongst employees. So where in Europe are people happiest with their jobs? This article explores a number of factors…

The Future of Work: Meet my colleague: the robot

How to get along with the robot that is your colleague in the future? The most forward thinking companies will look for new ways to use advanced automation to decrease costs, increase productivity, spend more time on creative thinking, and keeping customers happy. Would you like to read more?

The Future of Work: will flexible working help close the gender gap?

There is a strong case for gender diversity in leadership teams as it leads to increased innovation, creativity, profitability and business success. How to explore and to progress this towards gender equality in the workplace, particularly in leadership positions. Would you like to read more?

How will you be working in 2020?

It's Monday morning, and you’ve just stepped into a driverless car with three colleagues to chair your first meeting of the day. You enter the office by placing your hand on a biometric scan, and, sensing your feelings as you start the working week, the lights and temperature are adjusted to improve your mood. Your virtual assistant orders you a coffee, which is brought to your desk by a co-bot working alongside you. This may sound like a sci-fi film, but these innovations could be coming to your workplace sooner than you think… Would you like to read more?

Top tips to prepare yourself for the future of work

The future of work will see many disruptive changes, with automation, robotics and Artificial Intelligence all radically reshaping the professional landscape. But these changes are already happening, and we must adapt our working patterns now if we’re to be successful tomorrow. Would you like to read more?

Intuition versus Machine Learning – The Future Leadership Dilemma

New technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing and cognitive analytics are emerging, empowering business leaders to make better, more informed and effective decisions. However, many executives are already comfortable with how they make decisions, choosing to go with their gut instinct over data analytics. But should leaders trust their instinct or embrace data-driven decision making? Would you like to read more?

Are you future proofing your career?

New types of work and a new mindset by 2030. New automation will open up new possibilities and it requires understanding of new businesses. How will organizations be transformed and how processes and culture will have to be changed as a result. Would you like to read more?