Trust and Compliance in Insurance

Trust is the cornerstone of insurance – both in terms of client confidentiality and transparent compliance.

Insurance companies must take steps to ensure they’re compliant with intensifying customer protection & risk management legislation. With new cyber-risks and cloud, insurance companies must rapidly adopt new technologies to secure data integrity and privacy.

The nature of threats continually and rapidly mutates – and digital security and compliance practices must be designed to anticipate this volatility.

As a partner in digital transformation, we help insurance companies develop customer intimacy while preserving trust and compliance

As a European leader in cyber security, Atos also places special emphasis on robust automation – manual practice cannot meet industrialized threats.

Trust and compliance

Just 2% of large firms have explicit cyber cover

Trust and Compliance in Insurance

Regulation and security go hand in hand. Every insurance company needs to be meticulous in the former and proactive in the latter – and both must be integral to digital strategy.

As part of its broader digital transformation proposition to its insurance clients, Atos has a particular focus on four areas at the core of trust and compliance.

Data Protection

Customers expect sensitive financial information to stay safe. As cyber threats and regulations continue to evolve, Atos offers insurers a new, more flexible approach to data protection.

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