Operational Excellence in Banking

Digital process is not just about doing the old things faster – it’s about agile, scalable and sustainable operations

Banks are investing in more tailored and more appealing products and services for their customers. But has the importance of operational excellence across the business value chain been overlooked?

Operational excellence behind the scenes makes an essential contribution to the quality of customer experience. You cannot have one without the other.

Of course it goes further. Fall behind in the quality of operations, and the costs will soon be seen on the bottom line.

It’s time to ask how to eliminate dependence on all low-value, high-volume manual processes. This isn’t just about liberating staff to do real business – it’s about reducing error and the risks that go with it.

Digital-only banks expect a cost-to-income ratio of below 30 percent – substantially lower than traditional retail banks’ 40 to 60 percent.

Operational Excellence in Banking

Digital technologies make straight-through transaction processing and exception processing more efficient while making account opening and handling more responsive, secure and agile.

There is no questioning the need for operational excellence – so long as the change involved doesn’t itself raise risk and discontinuity. Atos starts with five focus areas.

Cloud and datacenter

The datacenter becomes the engine room for digital banking, and cloud the only viable approach – outsource with Atos.

Trading floor optimization

Boost trader efficiency with this pure and streamlined cloud-based solution.

The digital workplace

As an independently acknowledged leader in workplace design and management, we will give your workforce the tools they need to outperform.

Application transformation and management

Not only do you need to manage complex application landscapes – you need unprecedented agility for new product development.

Digital Workplace in Banking


Why for Financial Services ?

So what are five of the most compelling reasons to change and five ways you can take advantage of Digital Workplace services as a Financial Services company


What are the outcomes of Digital workplace?

A high level overview of why financial services organizations need a digital workplace.


Brochure – Digital workplace for Financial Services

Improving service underpins how banks engage and maintain the loyalty of their customers. Learn how Atos Digital Workplace provides a suite of collaborative, secure, intelligent work tools and support services to help bank employees enhance customer service cost effectively.

Case Studies

Case Study

Trading Digital Workspaces: a financial services case study

In this case study, a large investment and financial services firm wanted to reduce the costs of customer and end-user support while delivering a streamlined, interactive service experience. Learn how it partnered with Atos to do just that.

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