Trust-based shared services in Government Gateway – Case Study

The drive for more cost-effective, efficiently delivered public services in the UK led to the creation in 2001 of Government Gateway.

Atos was deeply involved in the project from the start, working with the UK Government’s own eDelivery Team and a range of technology partners, most notably Microsoft. In 2006, we were made prime contractor and remain so today.

Evolutionary development

Government Gateway today is the result of ten years’ step-by-step development, enabling online access and secure data sharing for a growing number of multichannel public sector services.

Continued development

Atos has built one of the most secure online environments in existence, which enables Atos to be a “Trust Broker”, working to federate identity management and validation on behalf of many different public and private bodies.

Citizens retain control of their own personal information, using it selectively and appropriately in ways that improve their quality of life.

The latest example of this approach in action is Tell Us Once, a new service that enables individuals to advize a change of circumstance (a birth or bereavement, for example, or potentially a change of address), and automatically notify all relevant services.

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Trust-based shared services in Government Gateway.

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