Forging a new Digital Security paradigm

Our thoughts, vision and approach to address the main challenges that will define the digital world of tomorrow

Cyber day – Foreword

Cyril Dujardin, – SEVP, Head of Digital Security, Atos

The digital and physical worlds are experiencing a complete disappearance of boundaries with digital becoming an integral part of our lives: in the objects within our homes, the utilities we use, the mode of transport we take, our workplaces and even, in some cases, augmenting our bodies.
In terms of digital security, there are no longer any boundaries either.

Threats come from a wide variety of different actors from criminals to state-sponsored and everywhere in between. Motives are fluid from financial to geopolitical and anyone can be targeted from any location across the globe. Digital security threats can impact our physical safety, the security of our nations and our borders.
There are no boundaries between what must be protected by private and public sector: banks, power plants and transportation and logistics systems require the same level of critical protection as defense and emergency services. We have already witnessed devastating threats against civilians through attacks on power plants and water boards and we have seen warfare supported by cyberattacks.
Across industry, electronics and IoT devices are digitally embedded leaving them vulnerable to attack. The car you drive can be accessed and controlled remotely. All these systems must be protected.
As this blurring of boundaries intensifies so too does the need to find ways to shape, protect and secure this digital dimension. Sovereign borders become more important as the desire for a globalized economy butts up against the need for protection of citizens, creating somehow a paradox between security and digitalization.
A tapestry of regulations and legislations are forming across the globe, a key requirement in enabling us to shape a digital world where the trust of citizens is the most precious commodity. In this context our mission is now to provide global holistic security across public and private sector organizations worldwide while addressing sovereignty concerns.

The success of digital security will define the world for the next decades.

Will we live in a “big brother” world, where we have given up any willingness to control our data, our digital world and lives?
Or will we live in a pacified world, based on trust, inclusiveness, and innovation? Digital advancements must have the necessary controls, management of personal data and standardization of ethics in design to continue to be a force for good. Awarness of the security issue is growing, and global efforts are now falling into place.
Atos will stand alongside governments as a trusted partner, as well as a supplier of global solutions and of sovereign technologies.

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Forging a new digital security paradigm

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Cyril Dujardin, SEVP, Head of Digital Security, Atos