Forging a new Digital Security paradigm

Our vision for the main challenges defining the digital world of tomorrow



The digital and physical worlds are experiencing a complete disappearance of boundaries with digital becoming an integral part of our lives: in the objects within our homes, the utilities we use, the means of transport we take, our workplaces and even, in some cases, augmenting our bodies.

In terms of digital security, there are no longer any boundaries either. Threats come from a wide variety of different actors from criminals to state-sponsored hackers and everywhere in between. Motives are fluid from financial to geopolitical and anyone can be targeted from any location across the globe. Digital security threats can impact our physical safety, the security of our nations and our borders.

So what needs to happen now?

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The need for a new security paradigm

The digital and physical worlds are experiencing a complete disappearance of boundaries. From IT and OT convergence, rising sovereignty concerns, to resilience of critical infrastructure at stake, a new paradigm is needed to secure the digital transformation.

The Human element: Breaking silos in organizations

When cybersecurity can no longer be limited to IT security but needs to extend to OT, IoT, data protection and even physical safety, it requires to break silos in organizations to develop a comprehensive digital security strategy.

Digital security: what does the future hold?

The digital revolution holds the promise of great change for good but only if it is underpinned by digital security. But what should happen next ?

Shaping the future : the view from Zeina Zakhour

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Forging a new digital security paradigm

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Cyril Dujardin
SEVP, Head of Digital Security

Lukasz Olszewski
Former Global Head of CERT

Maciej Zarski
Global Head of CERT

Eyal Asila
Head of Digital Cyber Consulting

Vasco Gomes
Global Chief Technology Officer for Cybersecurity Products

François Cortial
Chief Technology Officer, Mission-Critical Systems

Eric Wahed
Global Head of Public Safety / NG112

Paul Bayle
Head of Security and CSO

Vinod Vasudevan
Global CTO MDR

Deborah Dillon
Head of Protection and Privacy

Catalina Dodu
Global Presales Director for Cybersecurity Services

Vieri Tenuta
IT/OT & IoT Digital Security Offerings Manager

Marc Llanes
Cybersecurity Global Business Development

Ian Cole
Group Industry Director Financial Services and Insurance

Olga Portilla
Cybersecurity Products Offering Manager

Marjolaine Lombard
Cybersecurity Products Offering Manager

Barbara Couée
Portfolio Manager in Digital Security

Valérie Petat
Business Unit Director, Air, Land and Sea electronics/ Industrial services & solutions

Norbert Di Costanzo
Chief Operating Officer and senior member of the Scientific Community

Zeina Zakhour
Global CTO for Digital Security

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