Large Medical Center

AI solution for a more efficient operations management


Industry: Healthcare
Region: NE

Atos provided an AI solution to support doctors and the hospital for a more efficient operations management by forecasting the inflow of patients and their care dependency.

Working together with the teams of the large medical center, Atos created a forecasting tool which enables the medical center to predict the inflow of patients, based on the work shifts and calendar week and month, for the emergency department as well as the Care Dependency unit of the medical center.

Atos data science specialists leveraged the hospital’s database for metrics to predict hospitalization needs which provides the emergency department the flexibility to plan resources efficiently. This prediction capability enables the optimization of operational processes, which helps to reduce the length of the processes from patient reception to hospitalization. This in turns is expected to help to reduce the potential risks to patient health.

This forecasting application aims to support decision making to achieve operational efficiency hospitalization management, which is essential in emergency situations as well as in the day-to-day hospital operations.

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