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“The security of our fans and their physical and online environments is of the utmost importance to us. With Atos, we recognized an opportunity to secure Hard Rock Stadium in new and critical ways, creating a defense strategy that protects our operational and informational technology.”

Kim Rometo,
Vice President, Chief Information Officer,
Miami Dolphins and Hard Rock Stadium

Protecting 6,500 fans and 7,100 devices at the Super Bowl final – North America’s biggest annual public event


Hard Rock Stadium remains at the cutting edge of technology in sports and entertainment. To host Super Bowl LIV, tight cybersecurity meant preparing for the unexpected at this high-profile, fast-paced occasion.

With just three months to go, Atos successfully cyber-proof the Stadium’s distributed communications network and all connected technologies. These included around 7,000 operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) devices such as point-of-sale terminals, scoreboards, televisions, visual broadcasting equipment, field microphones and servers.

The challenge

As the cyber landscape evolves and threats become more aggressive and sophisticated, large stadia present unique cybersecurity challenges.

While nearly 70,000 fans would be enjoying the game, behind the scenes, the Stadium’s large and diverse technology infrastructure had to be protected from any kind of failure or penetration. It was vital to ensure not only the security of all devices in the stands, but also to detect and respond to any breaches to the network.

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The solution

Atos applied its Major Events cybersecurity methodology proven over multiple Olympic Games to enhance Hard Rock Stadium’s cyber defenses.

Atos devised a multi-layered cybersecurity architecture for maximum security; and to reduce the attack surface within the stadium, worked with specialist partner Forescout Technologies to implement eyeSegment, a network segmentation solution. This was delivered at scale from the cloud, accelerating deployment and creating a flexible and future-proof solution.

Business benefit

Hard Rock Stadium’s cybersecurity status advanced to a new level, thwarting hundreds of potential attacks on its most important game of the year.

This is a cybersecurity first for the NFL, and a complete end-to-end solution for managing and defending high volumes of diverse connected IT and OT assets. It offers a fully compliant replicable approach for more events at Hard Rock Stadium, and for other large sporting events at other venues.

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