Moving BBC Cymru Wales to the BBC’s most connected, accessible and sustainable building.

Industry: Telecom, Media and Technology
Region: Northern Europe

“Strong customer focus and engagement from Atos at all levels undoubtedly contributed to the project’s success. Collaboration and communication were key to ensuring that expectations were met.”

Gareth Powell, Chief Operating Officer,
BBC Cymru Wales

At its new home in Cardiff’s city center, BBC Cymru Wales has transformed its workplace and equipped staff with modern digital tools for new ways of working and broadcasting

In 2019, the BBC Cymru Wales faced logistical and technological challenges to become fully operational at its new site by the end of 2020.
As a long-term partner of the BBC, Atos collaborated closely with BBC Cymru Wales, BBC Major Projects Infrastructure and specialist partners to define user requirements then design, deliver and support the technologies to meet them.

The challenge

BBC Cymru Wales faced logistical and technological challenges to become fully operational at its new site by the end of 2020.
Within tight timescales, the challenge was to deliver an ambitious technology design, installation, management and support program to realize this vision.

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The solution

Atos collaborated closely with the BBC Cymru Wales to deliver a new network as the Center’s IT backbone and integration of audio visual (AV) systems and tools.
Robust program management was critical to coordinate delivery of such a logistically and technologically complex project and a host of new systems within one space, including Local Area Network (LAN), Wi-Fi and state-of-the-art AV Systems.

Business benefit

BBC Cymru Wales has the modern technology infrastructure it needs to continue to educate, inform and entertain people in Wales and more widely.
This gives BBC Cymru Wales the bandwidth, capacity and flexibility required to produce new forms of content and support ultra-high definition production as technologies and techniques evolve. The project also made a significant step forward to the BBC’s goal to cut carbon emissions by 24% by 2022.

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