ITV Daytime

Orchestrating seamless television production

Industry: Media
Region: United Kingdom
Headquarters: London
Company size: 6,400 employees

“Live TV is all about perfect timing, immediacy and reliability – which is exactly what BNCS+ gives us … It’s a must-have,”

Tim Guilder,
Technology Manager, ITV Daytime.

With packed programming and all the intense pressures of mixed-format live television, ITV Daytime relies on BNCS+ for its on-air transmissions to millions of viewers every day.


BNCS+ allows ITV to move between 40-50 multi-viewers, 400 sources and 400 destinations, easily making hundreds of rapid switches. The solution provides a resilient distributed architecture, ensuring there is no single point of failure – critical for live TV.

The challenge


For any live mixed-format show, switching sources, managing play‑outs, inter-changing between the studio and outside broadcast, and switching programs in commercial breaks is a feat of orchestration. Given ITV Daytime’s busy schedule, all this must happen instantly and seamlessly across the four programs and two studios back-to-back. Traditionally, technical teams have had to use multiple matrix and router panels, and re-plug cables for switching.

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The solution


With easy-to-use touchscreens for managing and orchestrating every single physical and virtual resource and workflow, BNCS+ gives ITV Daytime’s team just one interface for instant and agile control.

Business benefit


ITV’s ability to keep all four shows on air with only 25% of its team onsite is a testament to BNCS+. It readily enabled new ways of working, remotely and in the studio, to keep teams safe while still reaching viewers at home.

BNCS+ is also a platform for the future – for wider use of mobile devices, for instance, and any move to the cloud.

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