A leading engineering professional services firm modernizes knowledge and collaboration management

Microsoft SharePoint Online and Power Platform give an engineering services company the powerful knowledge platform it needs to complete

At a glance

To better serve its customers, a leading engineering professional services firm modernized and streamlined its knowledge management process, moving 15+ terabytes of practice area network data from local storage onto a single SharePoint platform to enable improved collaboration and customer service.


    • Centralized platform for managing enterprise knowledge
    • Ability to expand to accommodate new knowledge areas
    • Frictionless collaboration for 55,000+ internal and external users

The company provides high quality, innovative, impactful, comprehensive and sustainable professional services worldwide. It leverages an understanding of local intricacies, world-class talent and proactive leadership to plan, design, manage and engineer long-lasting and impactful solutions to complex problems. It operates from more than 500 offices in 40 countries worldwide.

20,000 needles in 70 haystacks

The engineering services firm’s business runs on knowledge. The main source of this knowledge is the company’s 70+ practice area networks — or PANs — informal groups that facilitate information exchange between employees with complementary knowledge, skillsets, and goals.

Previously, the PANs tended to operate in mostly offline mode, storing resources in on-premises repositories and using a variety of techniques and technologies to share information. Over time, that information grew to more than 15 terabytes of valuable data, which made it extremely difficult to find the right documents when they were needed most. In addition, managing collaboration between global teams was becoming cumbersome, and it took a great deal of searching to find the right expert or a proven solution to a common problem.

The company knew it needed a better way to operate, and the answer appeared to be a centralized platform where knowledge could be stored to facilitate collaboration.

Automation to the rescue

At first, the project seemed daunting, so the engineering services firm turned to Atos for assistance mapping out a plan. Together, Atos and the company began with a discovery phase to define the goal of the initiative, then identify all user requirements, contingencies, and concerns to be taken into account.

It soon became evident that to bring together the right people, process and practices required a single online collaboration platform that could:

  • Be logically separated for each PAN, yet still accessible across groups
  • Support formal collaboration and document sharing, as well as informal questions and requests
  • Be accessed from multiple devices (mobile, tablet, desktop, etc.)
  • Report on user adoption across the organization
  • Enable easy searching of documents and discussions
  • Offer the scalability to accommodate new PANs in the future

Based on these requirements, the engineering firm and Atos agreed that Microsoft SharePoint and Power Platform offered the right set of features and functionality.

By far, the largest task would be to migrate more than 15 terabytes of data from the existing on-premises repositories into one central SharePoint Online system. The Atos team employed the ShareGate tool to automate the migration process, using a phased agile methodology that regularly involved the company’s business leaders for reviews and feedback.

This approach allowed the best of both worlds — the speed and efficiency of automation, combined with a customer-centric focus that ensured all requirements were being met.

Once the data had been centralized and organized, Atos and the firm began setting up the collaboration platform, using SharePoint for more formal sharing of knowledge, templates, articles and best practices, while Yammer provided the opportunity for informal discussions among focus groups across the globe.

Other required features were incorporated using Microsoft 365, Delve for context-aware content organization, and Power Automate to design forms and automate workflows.

Everything in its place

The engineering services firm now has a single point of access for its practice area networks to effortlessly share knowledge and collaborate with experts across the globe instantaneously. The solution is now live and being used by more than 70 PANs.

It is far easier and efficient to maintain than the old on-premises solution, and the company can add new networks and users whenever and wherever they need. The functionality has been extended to other areas of the organization, enabling its employees across the organization to share valuable best practices or obtain legal and regulatory information based on their region or country.

The application has dramatically simplified the process of accessing shared content, which is now is available 24/7 on both desktop and mobile devices – a very valuable feature for the company’s experts working remotely or in the field.

Why Atos for Microsoft solutions

Atos is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with core expertise in Power Services. Our Power Platform Center of Excellence continuously develops innovations, IP and in-house tools and accelerators that add value for client. With more than 300+ SharePoint and Power-Platform-certified experts around the world, Atos enables enterprises to leverage SharePoint, Power Platform and the entire Microsoft product stack to its full extent.

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