Atos Technology Days

Security at the Heart

Our biggest challenge as organizations is to ensure a secure data journey for our customers, users and employees.

More than ever before companies need to establish and maintain the highest levels of trust, security and privacy in order to survive the data deluge and fight cyber threats.

Although the European regulations aim to strengthen and unify data protection for all individuals, on a global level the race between attackers and cyber-forces has only just begun.

How prepared are you to tackle these threats and protect your organization as well as safeguard your users’ and citizens’ data? At Atos, security is at the heart of what we do, controlling every step of your data journey: securing your data through ultraprotected authentication, embedded IoT security, data encryption and prescriptive analysis. We believe it is our responsibility to anticipate the security models in the “post quantum era” and to be prepared for the risks that come with it such as collaps of asymmetric cryptography. Building a quantum-safe future is the highest priority of our R&D Atos Quantum teams.

Atos Technology Days is a unique opportunity to discuss the challenges of Data Security together with our security experts and discover the new generation of high performance technologies. I am therefore pleased to welcome you to the second edition of Atos Technology Days at the BOZAR Center for Fine Arts in Brussels, along with the European Ecosystem, your peer executives in leading companies and technology leaders.

Atos is your trusted partner, protecting your business in your digital journey.

Press conference presentation

Major announcements


Atos launches world-first prescriptive Security Operations Center (SOC) with automated response

With unparalleled detection and response times, the new solution thwarts cyberattacks before they happen.

Atos launches the highest-performing quantum simulator in the world

The ‘Atos Quantum Learning Machine’ is based on a universal programming language driven by a new ultra-compact supercomputer

Atos Technology Days insights

Pierre Barnabé

Atos Chief Operational Officer Big Data & Security Division

Sophie Proust

Atos Head of Big Data and Security R&D

Philippe Duluc

Atos Senior Vice President, Big Data & Security

Want to know more about the event?


From July 5 until July 6 our experts invited the guests to discover and explore a new generation of high-performance technologies to secure their data journey.


Atos Quantum Learning Machine

Bull Evidian

Bull Horus


Prescriptive Security Operations Center

Bull Hoox

Bull Sequana

Round table: Securing your Data Journey

On July 4 the round table session on the theme of the “Secured Data Journey” featured executives of leading client companies and partners.


Interview with the round table moderator

Zeina Zakhour

Distinguished Expert, Cybersecurity Global CTO, Atos

Round table guest speakers

Dr. Christophe Galfard

Physicist, speaker & commentator

Jason Hart

CTO, Gemalto

Paddy Francis

CTO, Airbus CyberSecurity

Dr. Pierre Leca

Head of Information and Simulation Sciences Department at the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission, CEA

Maj. Gen. Thierry Baud

Programme Executive Officer for C4ISR and Space

Dr. Norbert Lütke-Entrup

Head of Corporate Technology and Innovation Management, Siemens

Business conferences

From July 5 until July 6 our business conferences explored the major security challenges that organizations are facing.


GDPR Journey to compliance

Alexis Caurette

Distinguished Expert, Global Consulting & Integration Director, Atos

Mo Cashman

Director of the Enterprise Architecture team, McAfee

Prescriptive Security Operations Centers

Farah Rigal

Senior Expert, Global SOC Transformation Program Director, Atos

Mo Cashman

Director of the Enterprise Architecture team, McAfee

IoT Security for Manufacturing

David Leporini

Head of IoT Security, Atos


Security & Fraud Prevention

Olaf Badstübner

Global Director of Financial Services, Atos

Citizen-centric public services

Gordon Morrison

Director Government Relations and Business Development, McAfee

Albert Seubers

Head of global strategy IT in Cities, Atos

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