Atos Approach to Privacy

Atos Binding Corporate Rules

For the processes stemming from this website, Atos is the data controller, deciding the purposes and means of the data being collected and processed. Because data protection and security matter, Atos has adopted a set Privacy Policy internal data protection measures knows as Binding Corporate Rules (BCR).
Atos was the first IT company to obtain formal approval of its Binding Corporate Rules (BCR) by the European data protection authorities both as a data controller and as processor. This approval proves Atos’s commitment to the protection not only of its own data, but also that of its clients: all Atos entities provide a very strong level of protection to personal data, aligning regulations and good practices, regardless of their location in the world. The BCRs are a commitment whereby the companies of the Atos Group undertake to process personal data in accordance with a stringent level of protection for its own needs (employee data, etc.) and for the needs of its customers, therefore allowing the free flow of personal data between the companies of the Atos Group.

Atos’s website is hosted in the European Union and application support may be made from Atos India. The transfers resulting from such support would be framed with the Atos Binding Corporate Rules.