Ethics & Governance

Being an ethical and fair player within Atos’ sphere of influence

Our responsibilities go beyond our own Company. We strive to imbed our values in the relations with all of our employees, customers, partners and across our supply chain. We are enhancing our ethics and compliance program to minimize potential risks and maximize the positive impacts of our activities. Atos is also a world leader in implementing data protection principles, notably by ensuring the security of data and privacy by design in its offerings. This allows us to be the trusted partner of our clients in their digital journey.

“As human capital is the basis of Atos’ business, it is essential for Atos to manage disruptions from the impacts of digitalization through our strong foundations in ethics and governance across our business which place our stakeholders at the very center of our organization”.

Alexandre Menais – General Secretary, Atos.

“Atos has very high expectations for the CSR performance of its business partners across its supply chain. We want to make sure at all times that we are working with the very best suppliers for our business, those who share our values and our commitments to transforming the world of business and creating sustainable long-term value for all”.

Aurélia Tremblaye – Chief Procurement Officer, Atos

Working for the common good across our sphere of influence


Atos is committed to the principle that business should be conducted both profitably and responsibly. In that respect, Atos must comply with applicable laws in different countries and ensure its employees as well as business partners carry out business in an ethical way.


of employees completed the e-learning
on the Code of Ethics in 2018


of strategic suppliers assessed by EcoVadis


Gold recognition for Atos CSR performance
by EcoVadis with an overall score
of 78/100 in 2018

An ethical approach in business


Atos aims for ethical excellence embracing its responsibility to follow the highest standards of ethics and be compliant in all the jurisdictions where the Group operates. It aligns its operations and strategies with the ten universally principles defined by the United Nations Global Compact. It also expects its suppliers to comply with the strictest standards of ethical behavior following the principles. Those guiding principles are embedded in Atos’ Code of Ethics:

General business integrity principles

Atos applies the highest standards of professional integrity internally and with its dealings with third parties, based on merit and qualifications, without consideration to race, nationality, gender, age, disability or any other distinctive trait.

No bribery or corruption

Atos shall not tolerate any form of bribery or corruption, i.e. providing something of value to influence someone in our favor or accept something for acting against Atos’ interest, nor participate in any form of money laundering. (As stated in its commitment to align with the ten universally principles defined by the United Nations Global Compact)

Data Protection

To be the trusted partner of our clients in their digital journey, Atos goes to the highest level of protection of data and especially on personal data, with a principle of privacy by design in its technologies.

Data Protection and Privacy

Atos protects the privacy and the Personal Data it processes for its own purposes or for the purposes of its customers and partners during the performance of business operations. The privacy by design principle included in Atos decision making processes as well as in its technologies and the mandatory training of employees contribute to a strong culture of privacy and data protection.

Fair competition

Atos treats its partners with respect and shall not take unfair advantage nor apply discriminatory conditions.

No conflicts of interest

Conflicts of interest arise when Atos employees (or members of their family) can potentially benefit personally from their role in company business. Atos employees’ personal interests or obligations should never be in conflict or interfere with the company’s business activities, and employees must always act for the company’s benefit.

Protection of Atos assets

Atos has many valuable assets, on which its future depends. Among the most important assets to be protected are personal data, Atos information, hardware, tools and intellectual property rights, and this is an obligation pertaining to all Atos employees.

Duty to act in Good Faith and protection of confidentiality

As a general rule, Atos protects the confidential information it owns, or which is made available to it by its partners during the performance of business operations. In their decisions and actions, Atos employees shall exercise good judgment and comply with the obligation to act in good faith.

Risk Management relating to non-compliance

Atos’ guiding principles must be reflected by way of ethical behavior and conduct of every employee of the group in all circumstances. Atos has established a global Compliance organization to prevent non-compliance with those guiding principles.

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