Governance and Digital Trust

Atos contributes to enhance trust in digital and security, protecting companies and society

Atos strives to be recognized as a trustworthy digital company for corporate governance, ethics, and data safety. We comply with best-in-class corporate governance standards and are part of various initiatives, dedicated to security, ethics and equity within digital services.

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Data safety

In 2015, Atos was the first digital company to obtain certification for Binding Corporate Rules (BCR) for processing personal data from European data protection. In addition, Atos is a founding member of GAIA-X initiative and a member of the Charter of Trust initiative, both of which aim to design trustful standards for data management in Europe.

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In 2020, Atos revised its Code of Ethics based around the Atos Sense of Purpose and has extended the scope of the Group’s ethical commitments, as business should be conducted not only profitably but also responsibly. Atos has launched, with other partners, the ETAMI initiative (Ethical and Trustworthy Artificial and Machine Intelligence) in Europe, which aims to design ethical frameworks for data management.

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Vigilance Plan

Atos’s commitment to integrity and strong foundation of ethics and compliance is reflected in its Vigilance Plan. Vigilance measures include risk mapping, evaluation procedures, mitigation actions, alert mechanisms and monitoring systems on the effective and efficient implementation of measures.

Read the Vigilance Plan published within the 2021 Universal Registration Document / Section 5.4.8

Universal Registration Document

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