Sustainability is shaping business

Atos digital solutions are designed to go beyond the challenges posed by sustainability topics. The 3rd digital transformation is an opportunity to generate value for clients through innovative and sustainable solutions. Our success depends on 3 pillars: co-innovation, smart solutions and client satisfaction.

Robert Vassoyan


“Corporate Responsibility is one of the foundations of the Atos business model and it occupies a central place in the Atos culture. Digital solutions are both an enabler and an accelerator to meet the sustainable challenges of our clients.”

Business challenge

Atos aims to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction by providing targeted services to transform our clients’ businesses and anticipate their needs. In this age of digital transformation and Big Data, data protection and IT security are vital aspects of customer satisfaction and in earning and maintaining trust. Atos is a long-term trusted partner able to develop a range of services and solutions best suited to the market’s and its client’s needs.

total revenue of sustainability offerings in 2017

8.4 out of 10 client
satisfaction score in 2017

€ 330 million The R&D investment fund
committed to the joint innovation investment
program of the Atos-Siemens alliance by 2020

client innovation workshops delivered

Our ambition

Generating value with co-innovation and sustainable solutions for clients

From enhancing agricultural techniques to facilitating access to earth data from space, from multiplying computing capacities to securing worldwide digital infrastructure, Atos’ digital services are providing businesses and organizations with insights to power innovation and sustainable progress.

With the offerings of the Digital Transformation Factory, Atos uses its know-how and expertise to help large organizations make the most of new opportunities for competitiveness and growth in the digital era.


Innovation generates customer satisfaction

Our actions on Corporate Responsibility and sustainability form an integral part of any deep conversation we have with our customers. Sustainability is all about maximizing the long-term impact that we create with all our trusted ecosystem of leading partners, suppliers and clients.

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