Business & Innovation

Generating value for clients through sustainable and innovative solutions

As our clients confront the challenges of new digital dilemmas, customer satisfaction through innovative and sustainable solutions has become a major driver of Atos’ strategy for growth and value creation.

“Corporate social responsibility is an integrated part of our commercial strategy, enabling significant new business opportunities for Atos and our clients.”

Robert Vassoyan
Head of Healthcare & Life Sciences and Head of Unified Communications & Collaboration, Atos

Responsible innovations for a digital world


Atos aims to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction by providing targeted services to transform our clients’ businesses and anticipate their needs. In this age of digital transformation and Big Data, data protection and IT security are vital aspects of customer satisfaction and in earning and maintaining trust. Atos is a long-term trusted partner able to develop a range of services and solutions best suited to the market’s and its client’s needs.


Net Promoter Score
for all clients in 2019


Client innovation workshops
delivered in GBUs in 2019

€235 million 

Annual Research & Development
investment in 2019


active patents in 2019


R&D centers


members of the expert community

 Atos’ value creation model


The mission of Atos is to be the trusted partner of its clients on their journeys of sustainable digital transformation. To accomplish this mission, we rely on our powerful assets and resources and a solid business model which leverages our distinctive platforms and industrial solutions. We are focused on the continuous generation of shared, sustainable and inclusive value for all our stakeholders: people, clients and partners, investors, suppliers, community and society.

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