Sustainability is shaping business

Atos digital solutions are designed to go beyond the challenges posed by sustainability topics. The 3rd digital transformation is an opportunity to generate value for clients through innovative and sustainable solutions. Our success depends on 3 pillars: co-innovation, smart solutions and client satisfaction.

Patrick Adiba

Group Chief Commercial Officer and Major Events, Atos

“In a world of digital transformation, Atos works with its clients to develop innovations that create long-term sustainable value for their customers and for society in general.”

Business challenge

Atos aims to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction by providing targeted services to transform our clients’ businesses and anticipate their needs. In this age of digital transformation and Big Data, data protection and IT security are vital aspects of customer satisfaction and in earning and maintaining trust. Atos is a long-term trusted partner able to develop a range of services and solutions best suited to the market’s and its client’s needs.

total revenue of sustainability offerings

out of 10 overall customer
satisfaction from strategic surveys

million The R&D investment fund
committed to the joint innovation investment
program of the Atos-Siemens alliance

client innovation workshops delivered

Our ambition

Generate value for clients through innovative and sustainable solutions

Atos works with its clients to develop digital solutions enabling them to reinvent their businesses with new levels of operational excellence, new forms of customer experience and new standards of trust and compliance while improving their performance in sustainability.

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Customer experience

Transforming the Customer experience

It is about helping enterprises and governments unify all touchpoints for citizens and consumers, and connect all physical and digital assets to provide a seamless experience.

Operational excellence

Optimizing the Operational excellence

It is about Cloud is transforming the way clients interact with customers and the way they consume IT. It accelerates the provision of services to your business users, with instant activation and deployment through highly flexible platforms, service catalogs and orchestration.

Business reinvention

Business reinvention

It is about identify new ways for client to generate growth and create sustainable revenue thanks to digital knowledge and innovative technologies. Increasing interconnectivity, internet of things, data analytics and innovative partner networks enable the design of new products, services and business model.

Trust and compliance

Trust and Compliance

Confidence is the foundation of a sustainable growth in a digital interconnected world. It is about combining openness and trust and making security both a lever of protection and a booster of value creation.



Innovation generates customer satisfaction

Our actions on Corporate Responsibility and sustainability form an integral part of any deep conversation we have with our customers. Sustainability is all about maximizing the long-term impact that we create with all our trusted ecosystem of leading partners, suppliers and clients.

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Business meeting BTIC

Innovating side by side with our clients.

In 2016, we delivered 290 innovation workshops. The hot topics covered sustainability, cybersecurity, predictive analytics, additive manufacturing and augmented reality. The leading business and the Atos Scientific Community participate at these Workshops, sharing their forward thinking about market challenges and forward-looking technologies or future-proof technologies.

The client innovation workshops program brings Atos and its customers together to imagine and develop jointly creative solutions to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.


Accelerate the sustainable performance with our portfolio of digital solutions.

Atos is at the forefront of the third digital revolution, helping clients to imagine new ways of doing business, unlocking the potential of the data and creating opportunities for sustainable growth in the decades ahead. In a digital world, business opportunities and risks abound. It means leveraging on data power while protecting this capital, imagine solutions to meet environmental and social challenges while committing with digital inclusion.


Make our clients our best ambassadors

Customer satisfaction is a strategic priority for Atos and a major driver of our growth.

As a trusted partner, we aim to continue to create value for our clients through sustainable and innovative solutions. We track two Key Performance Indicators to measure our performance: our overall Customer Satisfaction Score and our Net Promoter Score. Both metrics have increased significantly in recent years in all divisions, thanks to our eff icient delivery of high-value end-to-end services and the development of service behaviors built on proactivity, accountability and trust.


Set an ecosystem of outstanding partners to provide the best of breed digital products and services to our clients

With our ecosystem of partners we can take advantage of collective intelligence to enhance the sustainability of our customers.

Our partners are all technology leaders and with them we have developed an unmatched portfolio of solutions contributing to enhance the sustainability performance of our clients.

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