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Reinventing postal business via digital transformation

Declining letter mail and high-pressure competition represent both challenges and opportunities for postal operators. With the rise in e-substitution and e-commerce, today’s postal worker is more likely to be delivering a marketing flyer or a parcel than a credit card bill. This shift in revenue stream drives posts to reinvent their business and embrace the impact of digital technology.

The future-conscious post has already determined that its assets, from barcodes to facilities, along with vast amount of data on every aspect of the operation, represent the key to new revenue streams. With our company-wide Digital Business Empowerment initiative, we bring together postal sector specialists and technology experts to help postal agencies leverage their assets and map their own digital strategies against clear forecasts of their need for skills and support.

Operational excellence

Atos has been helping postal operators all over the world to improve efficiency and grow revenues, making them sustainable and competitive businesses for the years ahead. Our postal customers use Atos as long-term advisors. We know the industry intimately, and the technology drivers that deliver success.

Our Open Recognition System, successfully rolled out in Australia Post, offers postal operators the flexibility to plug-and-play different modules with different vendors for processing all types of mail, establishing a platform for continuous improvement without reliance on a single vendor.

For An Post, Atos integrated the Open Recognition System (ORS) to process both letters and flats, integrating with mail sortation equipment from multiple suppliers as well as supplying workflow, address database management, and sortplan management.

Barid al Maghrib (Poste Maroc) modernized mail processing with Atos’ fully integrated turn-key letters sorting system comprised of machines and components from multiple vendors and implementing innovative revenue protection.

Powering the Post of the Future

Atos boosts economy and efficiency in the posts sorting operation with powerful tools for capturing, transmitting, and leveraging data to achieve the highest level of productivity.

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Business reinvention

To reduce their dependence on traditional mail business, posts currently aim to rebalance their business portfolios, implementing digital, not as a mail product, but as a channel. They expect to grow in B2B activities, becoming channels of choice for e-commerce and direct mail marketing.

Leveraging our intimacy and knowledge of postal operations, we help our clients maximize the operational and business advantage gained from their digital assets. The scale of the data explosion and the growing emphasis on deriving value from unstructured data, coupled with the massive increase in connectivity through the internet of things, all combine to form a new data landscape where we can help postal operators generate differentiating intelligence.

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