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Digital Workplace

Atos Digital Workplace is helping organisations create a new type of work environment. One that is mobile, people-centric and Cloud-based. One with collaboration and flexibility at its heart. From unified collaboration across devices to security and analytics, we’re empowering our customers to build the the workplace of the future.

What you’ll be doing:

In this programme, you’ll gain experience across our key focus areas: Desktop Deployment, Assistive Technology, Virtual Workplace Solutions and Modern Management. This will enable you to experience everything Atos Digital Workplace has to offer. You might find yourself deploying and testing new a technology. Talking to a client and troubleshooting an issue for them. Or even auditing an existing customer site to see where we can add value. The possibilities are many and varied. But what’s not in doubt is that you’ll meet a lot of people, tackle a whole range of challenges and gain exposure to some of the most cutting-edge technologies out there.

Why apply?

This programme offers a rich variety of experiences. Thanks to the rotational nature of this opportunity, you’ll gain exposure across the full range of our areas of expertise, before choosing where to specialise. This will give you ample opportunity to see where your talents and interests lie; whether, for example, it’s in hands-on deployment and roll-out activities, or in analysing and designing new solutions. It’s also a great programme if you want to make a real difference to people’s lives. The solution you’ll deliver will help make employees more productive and engaged in their roles and will transform their workplaces – making them more accessible and inclusive.

Essential skills

You’ll be spending a lot of time in our client’s premises, so you’ll need to be good with people. You’ll know how to win trust and build relationships. Communications skills are important too. You’ll need to be able to explain technical issues to non-technical audiences with real clarity. A technical background or degree would be an advantage, but is not an essential requirement. Provided you’re quick to learn and passionate about technology, our thorough training will soon get you up to speed.

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