Atos colleagues cycle from London to Amsterdam for charity

On Saturday 30th April 2022, 10 Atos NE colleagues cycled from London to Amsterdam as part of the London2Amsterdam Keframa School Build Charity Bike Ride. In total there were 31 cyclists and 4 support cars who travelled an incredible 351 miles over 5 days – passing through Calais, Bruges, Antwerp and Rotterdam en route. The event was organized by Atos’ Yan Kasianczuk and Rachael Baker, and overall, the team were able to raise an incredible £61,262 for the school build in Uganda! Well done team!

The Keframa School Build aims to build a secondary school for 500 children in Lira, Northern Uganda. Whilst primary education is relatively accessible in Uganda, the means for secondary school are difficult to come by. The area is deprived of sustainable secondary education for low-income families, and it is still recovering from the impact of the Lord’s Resistance Army, where there are high levels of subsistence living.

The Keframa School Build aims to facilitate and provide:

  • Quality education to a greater number of students
  • A reliable source of education
  • A safe and secure environment with clean water and sanitation, as well as facilities for female students to improve the health and wellbeing of the students
  • Gender equality by keeping the female population above 50% and providing appropriate support and education to reduce dropout rates

Yan Kasianczuk, Client Director and Trustee/Director for the Keframa School Build charity, said: “A huge thanks to all my Atos colleagues who joined me on this journey: Rachael Baker; Tom Hall; Ollie Bitowt; Sam Horn; Joe Dowsett; Matt Allison; Miles Newman; Matt Sutton; and Sam Reilly. I’d like to especially thank Rachael who helped me organize and run the event. The money we have raised will have an incredible impact on children’s lives in Northern Uganda and each one of you should be extremely proud of yourselves.”

Atos NE colleagues who took part: Yan Kasianczuk (co-organizer of the event); Rachael Baker (co-organizer of the event); Tom Hall; Ollie Bitowt; Sam Horn; Joe Dowsett; Matt Allison; Miles Newman; Matt Sutton; and Sam Reilly.

To find out more about Keframa School Build, the work they do and how to get involved, please contact Yan.

Donate to the Keframa School Build here:

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