Celebrating Non-Binary Awareness Week

Between 12 – 18 July Atos celebrated Non-Binary Awareness week including International Non-Binary People’s Day on 14 July.

Non-binary is the term for people whose gender identity doesn’t sit within the binary options of male / female. They may identify with neither, both or vary between genders. You may also see terms such as gender neutral, pangender, gender fluid and genderqueer used.

As part of its celebrations, the Atos Pride Network shared the following educational and support content:

  • ‘An Introduction to Non-Binary Identities’ webinar which included:
    • Information on Non-binary identities
    • Information on discrimination faced by non-binary individuals
    • Information on the support available to employees, managers and colleagues
    • A role model presentation from Neil /Niamh White on their experience of being gender fluid.
  • Promotion of the latest Gender Inclusion & Transition Policy which was developed with impacted individuals, Stonewall UK and our HR team to include guidance for employees, managers and colleagues on how to be inclusive of gender expression and non-binary identities.
  • Promotion of the gender neutral Mx title options
  • Reminder of discrimination reporting mechanisms
  • Tips on how to be a better Non-binary ally

Speaking on the event, Pride Network Exec Sponsor David Haley SVP BTS said Atos was committed to supporting and being inclusive of non-binary employees, clients and 3rd parties: “As part of our commitment we wanted to use Non-Binary Awareness week to remind non-binary and trans employees of the support available to them, providing all employees with information on non-binary identities and how to be a better ally, and share the experiences of non-binary role models from within our organisation. The Pride Network is working hard to educate allies throughout our business and grow their confidence in addressing these sensitive and complex topics.”

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