Atos celebrates World Ocean Day 2020

The ocean produces over half of the world’s oxygen and stores 50 times more CO2 than our atmosphere. If we are going to solve climate change, we have to take care of our oceans.

The Atos Green Network provides employees with quick and easy ways that we take care of our environment, including our oceans. Their vision is to connect like-minded individuals and bring the Atos decarbonisation agenda closer to employees, partners and clients by raising environmental awareness, sharing best practises and engaging in environment protection activities.

On the 8th June the Network hosted their first World Ocean Day webinar, which was joined by fantastic speakers including Chris Brierly, an Oceangraphy Researcher from UCL; Anne Thwaites and Richard Roberts from the Marine Conversation Society. All speakers gave a unique, expert account of the impact of climate change on our oceans, and how we can make tangible changes to protect them.

“Oceans may not seem at first sight important to Atos or ourselves as individuals, however, everything is connected and therefore maintaining the health of our oceans and their ecosystems is vital for the wellbeing of us all. Well done to the Green Network for helping to raise awareness, and I hope this encourages more people to join the network and support our movement towards a cleaner and more secure future.” - Jeff Chater, Head of Corporate Responsibility at Atos UK

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