virtual reality

Virtual reality effectively solves the problem of training new employees or retraining professionals. As it is available any time, training sessions do not depend on mentors’ free time and do not block the work of more experienced employees.

Affordable Solution

Until recently, virtual reality was considered too inaccessible for actual use in the Slovak conditions. That changed when Atos introduced their simple and flexible system that is, at the same time, affordable. The only thing needed to enable the employees being trained to dive into an unreal world that looks so real is a standard gaming computer and virtual reality glasses.

Atos is able to prepare a standard order system for use within two months from submitting source documents. It can process design data in any format and there is even an editor under development that will enable customers to add and adjust individual parts of their virtual world themselves.

The objects are photorealistic and their weight has also been simulated. It is calculated based on objects’ content, volume and materials. Thus, the handling of heavy objects is slower and more complicated than the transfer of a screwdriver and a dropped plastic box would bounce in a different way than a ball pen.

Whatever the industry

Atos offers a module for mechanical engineering. This, however, does not cover all the possibilities provided by this technology. Training sessions in virtual reality can also be adjusted for work in an office. People just put on glasses and find themselves in a simulated space in which they actually are to work. They can try their future work in the form of, for example, processes of their company information system or move around the entire premises. They can, for instance, walk to a printer. Thus, they can adapt to the environment before actually coming to work and engage in work without getting lost in the first few days.

The systems can be combined so that there can be more people trained at the same time. When using the cooperative mode more employees will find themselves in the same virtual environment and can work on one product together or on a line where a certain sequence of activities is required. When in the training mode the mentor has the environment of all the people being trained in front of him/her. He/she then leads them all or focuses on individuals and can connect to individual students directly in virtual reality. It does not matter whether one person is in Slovakia and another in Australia; all of them can be trained from the same centre.

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„We have been cooperating with ATOS for years and the VR project has, once again, confirmed their professionalism. Their highly qualified work, engagement related to studying our procedures and continuous support has turned Virtual Reality into a very successful project.”

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