Multi-Sourcing Service Integration

Aim for a single service experience

When you rely on multiple service providers, don’t you wish they’d act as a joined-up team?

Manage multiple service providers as a single virtual team


Most organizations rely on often complex combinations of specialist service providers. This favors innovation, but challenges alignment and accountability. The more effectively you can coordinate your often complex service ecosystem, the better your business performs.

What if all your service partners worked as a single virtual team – focused and coordinated to help you meet your business objectives? Discover Atos Service Integration and Management.

Taking the lead in service integration

Atos Multi-Sourcing Service Integration (MSI) provides a rigorous and formal approach to getting the best from an extended network of service providers. As acknowledged leaders in IT outsourcing and infrastructure and data management, Atos offers extended abilities in complex service coordination.

Control and agility

Formal models for multi-service management give you a seamless service eco-system.

Unity of governance

Establish governance models shared by all service providers for clarity and accountability.

Cost reduction

Industrialized service management reduces cost and demand.

Reporting intelligence

Realtime dashboards deliver actionable intelligence and insight.

Creating a sustainable service eco-system

As your Service Integration and Management partner, Atos works with you to audit and assess the effectiveness of your extended service network. We will rationalize pricing models, and most importantly, establish the means by which all service partners are able to contribute to common business goals.

Defining the Service Model

Conducting a complete service audit and rationalizing service towers.


Implement the new model with focus on business continuity, information security risk and governance.


Achieve continuous operation delivery, supported by a MSI service hub, with clear and intelligent performance and financial reporting.

Continuous Innovation

Ensure that all service profiles are fit for changing purpose, exploiting both data analytics and performance benchmarking.

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