Temperature Compliance Monitoring as a Service

An accurate information service applied to Covid19 vaccines

In alliance with our partners Eupry and PSQR, Atos is provisioning a track & trace application that monitors the vaccines temperature throughout the logistics chain in all transit points from the Distribution Centers to the Vaccination Centers.

Benefits of Solution

Although health authorities are responsible for the vaccine logistics, they cannot be certain of the quality of the delivery without accurate information.
By empowering them to monitor the logistics process of vaccine transportation, citizens can be sure the vaccine being injected has indeed followed through the right process.

The “Temperature Monitoring as a Service” offering is especially suited for ensuring monitoring all throughout the logistics process of COVID-19 vaccine distribution, supporting the compliance of GxP in the pharma context.

This is dedicated to:

  • health authorities to monitor the logistics process of vaccine transportation, as citizens must be sure the vaccine being injected has indeed followed through the right process.
  • empower the health authorities to control what has happened, what is happening, and this way:
    • Identify the vaccine units to be removed from the process
    • Assess the quality of delivery of the logistics operator

For health authorities
  • Economically Efficiency by decreasing downtime and labour heavy processes
  • Quality of Process supported by automation

For logistical companies
  • Cost Effectiveness by economy of scale
  • Connection to legacy systems in a later stage

For pharma companies
  • Transparency on the whole distribution process
  • Full traceability down to single products

How to track and trace from origin to consumption

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