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Atos rated 9/9 in quick and effective response to Covid-19 crisis
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Accelerating effective vaccination programs to promote healthy communities


The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted billions of lives and our economies. The introduction of vaccination programs around the world now raises hopes for recovery and renewal.

With governments and medical organizations under pressure, vaccine production and delivery bring major challenges: from maintaining quality and managing the complexities of ultra-cold supply chains, to mobilizing citizens and staff, orchestrating prioritization and scheduling, and tracking recipients for follow-up.

Digital solutions can facilitate and accelerate every stage of the vaccination program:

    • Traceability across the supply chain – getting vaccines to the right person at the right time in the right condition
    • Administration and citizen engagement – rapid, safe, secure, compliant deployment of vaccine infrastructure and resources, with citizen communications and education
    • Vaccine monitoring – cold chain compliance monitoring, and data-driven management with robust oversight

Atos provides the digital engine to help deliver safe, secure and effective vaccination programs at scale.

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Covid-19: so much data, so little time…digital is the answer

Organizations should consider how they are going to recover necessary vaccination information for better understanding of the long-term effects of the disease.
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Vaccination rollout is not your typical supply chain challenge…and cold chain monitoring is a must

Temperature monitoring is a must at each step of the process: every country, every state, every box, every truck, every refrigerator, every cooler, every vaccine.
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Earning the trust of your patients with a COVID-19 vaccine deployment

Listen how earning your patients trust by providing digital engagement, virtual care, remote monitoring, support tools such as chatbot and scheduling can help ensure proper vaccine rollout programs and create a trusting environment between the patient and provider experience.


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