Atos Vaccine Administration Management

Seamless vaccine management for fast, scalable, and efficient execution

Atos Vaccine Administration Management

The Vaccine Administration Management application enables organizations, such as governments and healthcare providers, to create and manage vaccination programs. Vaccine recipients can visit a self-service portal to review and provide privacy consent, use the knowledge base or Virtual Agent to address common questions, and self-schedule their appointment after responding to an eligibility questionnaire. Providers can schedule appointments for groups of eligible recipients, notify patients, administer and record vaccinations, and manage vaccination tasks.

Provides a workflow for users, healthcare providers, and clinicians to manage vaccinations for infectious diseases, such as COVID-19, from start to finish

Vaccine Administration Management enables an omni-channel experience including chatbot and self-service, as well as proactive scheduling and automation of manual processes that are slow, prone to error, and could overwhelm staff.

Vaccine capacity management: supporting vaccine administrators to understand, work, and track vaccines. Provides the ability to track by location, vaccine type and consumables, and appointment show /no show. This means new appointments can be proactively scheduled.

Patient /public engagement: enables people to engage with the vaccine program digitally via all available channels. Omni-channel experience makes it easy to schedule and manage appointments and set notifications /reminders based on flexible workflows. Self-assessment and prioritization are complemented by easily accessible and personalized knowledge articles.

Workplace management: trace if employees or customers have been exposed. Enables field service organizations to evaluate exposure risks and see which customers and technicians someone has had contact with. Assets and locations that were part of a technician’s work can also be viewed.

Deliver seamless vaccine management and execution within a short time frame

Organizations and public bodies face the unique challenge of complex logistics alongside highly compressed timescales. By working with Atos, you can implement a seamless vaccine management and execution strategy. Including:

Efficient workflow for users, healthcare providers, and clinicians to manage the end-to-end processes for vaccinations for infectious diseases, including COVID-19.

Acceleration of immunization process by delivering predefined content to manage vaccinations and replacing repetitive, manual processes with intelligent workflows.

Omni-channel experience including self-service portal that people can access from mobile devices or web browsers to schedule, reschedule, and cancel appointments, while providing personalized and easily accessible knowledge articles.

Key features include:

Use appointment dashboards

Send QR codes through notifications

Self-register and sign up for vaccinations

Request, reschedule, and cancel vaccination appointments

Collect relevant pre-vaccination information and privacy consent

Notify and remind users about upcoming appointments

Schedule appointments for groups of eligible recipients

Administer and record vaccinations

COVID-19: An unprecedented situation demands a seamless and optimized response

Atos Vaccine Administration Management helps solve challenges to quickly vaccinate people against COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. The solution uses ServiceNow to remove the logistical barriers, automate repetitive manual tasks, and uses intelligent workflows to solve the last-mile challenge of helping to keep people healthy and safe.