Orchestrated Hybrid Azure Cloud


Leveraging Azure and Azure Stack to deliver a true hybrid cloud

Cloud is the key enabler for digital growth.

Organizations have a choice of cloud platforms: public for agility and scalability, private for compliance and latency demands or hybrid for a mix of both. The key is how to optimize it for your business.

Atos provides Atos Managed Public Cloud Services to help optimize the cost and efficiency of public cloud for your business. We use our knowledge of infrastructure management, commercial management, and experience in public cloud to right-size services for your business.

Atos Orchestrated Hybrid Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack allows you to deploy ‘Azure in your data center’, delivering applications to private or hybrid environments. We allow you to optimize edge computing in branches and remote sites. Maintaining data security is our priority and managed cloud services ensure we detect and respond to threats across your hybrid cloud, ensuring your business stays running.

More than 80% of enterprise IT organizations will commit to hybrid cloud architectures, says IDC.

Benefits from Orchestrated Hybrid Azure Cloud

Increase control, flexibility, agility and reduce cost, without compromising on compliance or security.

Faster time-to-market

Develop once, deploy anywhere from a single code base.

Optimize the edge

Extend your cloud platform to embrace edge devices and services.

NG9-1-1 Security Services

Secure and compliant

Azure Stack allow you to keep data locally on-premise or in an Atos data center.

Optimize the cost of the cloud

Move to a predictable and proactively managed cost base.

Take advantage of public cloud

Revolutionize your business agility by embracing DevOps practices.

Discover the opportunities for the banking industry with Atos’s Azure platform

Discover the opportunities for the healthcare industry with Atos’s Azure platform

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