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With the democratization of High-Performance Computing (HPC) and the expansion of AI, ML, and DL within all industries, enterprises require more flexibility and simplicity in the way they provide end-users with computing resources.


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Atos HPC Cloud Platform Solution

JARVICE™ XE, a container-native HPC platform, enables the management of any HPC job on any cloud, from your data center, or a hybrid model. It uniquely delivers accelerated applications and workflows utilizing diverse infrastructure, including InfiniBand, GPUs, and FPGAs; on dedicated Kubernetes infrastructure. JARVICE XE also enables a wide variety of “as-a-service” for all types of workflows, including AIaaS and GPUaaS.

JARVICE XE delivers access to 1000s of accelerated applications through the HyperHub™ Application Marketplace.

HyperHub HPC application Marketplace

Customers and partners can build, deploy, and distribute their applications and workflows to their enterprise users.

Learn about the Nimbix Cloud, the fastest and easiest to use
Cloud platform for HPC.

Additional Atos HPC Cloud Software Enablement Solutions

Atos XCS HPC web portal

Atos Smart HPC Web Portal (XCS) >

XCS simplifies the handling and management of an HPC cluster, letting users focus on calculation and results.

atos smart remote visualization

Atos Smart Remote Visualization (XRV)>

Atos’ exclusive 3D visualization module, XRV lets users deploy post-processing modules directly on the server.

More Flexibility and Simplicity in Providing Enterprises HPC Resources

BullSequana X supercomputers offer an infinitely adaptable response with a large choice of compute nodes, accelerated nodes, and specialized nodes. The components can be combined in a customized way into a single system and managed as a single system using Atos HPC Software Solutions. Atos brings to the market a no-compromise, highly flexible, Exascale-ready, and lowest TCO on-premises or hybrid computing solution.

BullSequana XH2000

BullSequana X Supercomputers >

Atos Provides Consulting Services for any HPC Model your Enterprise Needs

Atos OneCloud

Atos OneCloud blends cloud advisory consulting, application transformation expertise, prebuilt cloud accelerators, and innovative talents in an end-to-end set of services to help our clients navigate their cloud journey.

Atos ThinkAI accompanies enterprises and researchers to contemplate, architect, build, and deliver scalable, energy-efficient high-performance AI solutions in weeks.

Science + Computing AG offers IT services, solutions and software for the efficient use of complex computer environments in research, development and computation. We provide enterprises efficient, cost-effective and resilient IT infrastructure solutions.

Use Cases and Resources

Nimbix Expands Hybrid Cloud HPC Software Platform

“Our enterprise journey to hybrid cloud HPC required new tools and methodologies. The Nimbix team, with their JARVICE XE platform, aligned well with our ambitious roadmap to achieve our infrastructure goals while improving the overall user experience.”

Qorvo quoteGernot Fattinger
Director Global EDA and BAW R&D
Qorvo, Inc.

Nimbix Brings HPC as a Service to Secure, Government-Approved Clouds

“…it is critical that our traditional HPC simulation pipelines are not left behind on legacy infrastructure. The JARVICE XE platform from Nimbix enables Mercury to realize the benefits of converging our HPC applications and workflows with secure cloud processing with a single pane of glass…”

MercuryAnu Mishra
Director of Application Engineering
Mercury Systems

Atos and Nimbix are delivering on the promise of hybrid multi-cloud for HPC

HPC as a Service
Innovation at your fingertips

HPC on Kubernetes: A practical and comprehensive approach

Intersect360 Addison Snell




Addison Snell
C0-founder and CEO
Intersect360 Research

“Two-thirds of HPC users are already incorporating cloud computing as part of their overall strategy, and that number continues to grow. We’ve seen double-digit growth in cloud for five years, and that trend will continue for the next five. But it’s important to realize that these are hybrid strategies, in which cloud resources are complementing on-premises computing, not replacing it.

The Atos acquisition of Nimbix addresses this trend precisely, wrapping hybrid cloud know-how with domain-specific HPC expertise. The reach and experience of Nimbix will give Atos reach to more HPC users and use cases.”

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