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With the democratization of High-Performance Computing (HPC) and the expansion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in research and industries, organizations require more flexibility and more simplicity in the way they provide end-users with computing resources. HPC cloud is growing year-on-year and we are at the tipping point where an increasingly large portion of the global HPC market is adopting hybrid cloud as a core part of their HPC strategy.

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Delivering on the promise of hybrid multi cloud for HPC

Atos OneCloud is an industry wide initiative to help organizations migrate workloads to the cloud, finding the right balance points that work for them.

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As a complementary strategy to its on-premise HPC deployment, Atos is empowering all types of HPC cloud use cases for all academics and industries.

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What’s new?

Atos strengthens its leading position in HPC cloud enablement and acquires leading global HPC cloud platform provider Nimbix.

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Addison Snell

Addison Snell
Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Two-thirds of HPC users are already incorporating cloud computing as part of their overall strategy, and that number continues to grow. We’ve seen double-digit growth in cloud for five years, and that trend will continue for the next five. But it’s important to realize that these are hybrid strategies, in which cloud resources are complementing on-premises computing, not replacing it.

The Atos acquisition of Nimbix addresses this trend precisely, wrapping hybrid cloud know-how with domain-specific HPC expertise. The reach and experience of Nimbix will give Atos reach to more HPC users and use cases.

Atos HPC Cloud Service Orchestration Solution

The HPC cloud market is growing rapidly as customers look to balance workloads across on-premise facilities and public cloud environments. Atos offers a comprehensive user experience for HPC in the cloud that provides:

Simple point and click interface and API batch service end point

HPC provisioning, on-demand bursting containerized workloads to public or private cloud platforms

Job submission via API or traditional schedulers

SLURM or LSF gateways with the ability to track usage and integrate this with an automated charge back mechanism

Fully converged digital transformation of HPC

With Kubernetes to support unified, multi cloud deployments

Atos Solutions

There are three core technologies which, supplemented with Atos comprehensive support services and HPC expertise, provide the service orchestration solution:

Atos Smart HPC Web Portal

The Smart HPC Web Portal (XCS) gives users and system administrators alike secure and direct access to all resources and applications. Once a user is logged on, he or she can access a complete work environment, customized for their job role and applications. As a single gateway to the HPC environment, the XCS Smart HPC Web Portal simplifies the handling and management of an HPC cluster, and lets you focus on the actual calculation and results.

Atos Smart Remote Visualization

Atos’s exclusive 3D visualization module, XRV is compatible with most available applications and lets users deploy post-processing modules directly on the server: only the encrypted, compressed images are transferred to the user workstation.


brings industry-leading Supercomputing Cloud technology to the data center to support advanced computing workflows while maintaining the option to easily burst to any public cloud for additional resources. JARVICE XE uniquely delivers accelerated applications and workflows that take advantage of diverse infrastructure including InfiniBand, GPUs, and FPGAs on dedicated Kubernetes infrastructure.

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