Nimbix Supercomputing Suite

Federated Supercomputing

Federated Supercomputing

The industry’s first Federated Supercomputing-as-a-Service offers a unified service console to manage all compute zones and regions in a public or private HPC, AI, and supercomputing federation.

The power of Federation:

  • Single control plane for synchronizing applications and accessing federated clusters, systems, and machines

  • Secure multi-tenant access

  • Full accounting for consumption across clusters

  • User limits and policies set by provider agreements

  • Any service provider or infrastructure operator may choose to federate to enable secure “cloud” access to machines

The sustainable and cost-efficient solution for any industry vertical, academia, and research institutions.




Financial Services & Insurance


Healthcare & Life Sciences

manufacturing industry


Nimbix Federated interface

JARVICE HPC software platform

Nimbix Federated Supercomputing features

  • Supercomputing exchange for public and academic facilities

  • Managed, secured, and operated by Atos

  • Global in reach for cross-industry or research collaborations

  • Monetization options for facility and infrastructure providers

  • Fully heterogeneous support for all supercomputing and AI architectures, including x86, ARM, Power, RISC, SiPearl, GPU, FPGA and AI optimized devices

Watch to learn more about the Nimbix Supercomputing Suite, a set of flexible and secure as-a-service high-performance computing (HPC) solutions.

HyperHub HPC application marketplace

Nimbix Supercomputing Suite gives users access to HyperHub, our high-performance application marketplace with over 1,000 HPC applications and workflows.

Dassault Systemes software

Mathworks Matlab HPC

  • Curated catalog of simulation, AI, ML, and DL software optimized for HPC

  • Hundreds of popular applications for any industry

  • Seamless global updates on all applications

  • Scale applications as needed

  • Fully customizable with your own workflows

“The pickup of Nimbix was significant for Atos, bringing on board an HPC cloud platform provider with more than 10 years of experience delivering both cloud and on-premises high-performance computing capabilities and a background of executing thousands of cloud HPC projects in 68 countries.”

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