Bull eXascale Interconnect

Shifting to a new scale

Exascale entails an explosion of performance, of the number of nodes/cores, of data volume and data movement. At such a scale, optimizing the network that is the backbone of the system becomes a major contributor to global performance. The interconnect is going to be a key enabling technology for exascale systems. This is why one of the cornerstones of Bull’s exascale program is the development of our own new-generation interconnect.

The Bull eXascale Interconnect or BXI introduces a paradigm shift in terms of performance, scalability, efficiency, reliability and quality of service for extreme workloads.

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Getting rid of the communications overhead

The core feature of BXI is a full hardware-encoded communication management system, which enables CPUs to be fully dedicated to computational tasks while communications are independently managed by BXI.

As a result, contrary to other commonly used networks, BXI can deliver high communication throughput even when the system is under heavy computation stress.

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Quality of service

BXI quality of service (QoS) enables the definition of several virtual networks and ensures, for example, that bulky I/O messages do not impede small data message flow. In addition, BXI adaptive routing capabilities dynamically avoid communication bottlenecks.

Reliability and resilience

For high reliability, BXI implements both end-to-end and link-level error checking and retransmission. Furthermore, all ASIC parts feature ECC schemes for error detection and correction. These mechanisms ensure continuity of service in case of a transient or permanent failure (on link or switch).

BXI components

The BXI fabric relies on two types of ASICs as its building blocks, a Network Interface Controller (NIC) and a switch, and comes with its complete software suite. BXI switches are managed through a distributed and out-of-band fabric management suite allowing to scale up to 64K nodes. Out-of-band management eliminates any interference of the management traffic with the applications traffic.

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