Security & safety

Datacenter & perimeter security


Perimeter control

  • Identify people entering and leaving facilities
  • Identify breach of premises and designated areas – detect movement through/over fenced areas, walkways, and potentially vulnerable areas
  • Detect suspicious behavior – loitering, crawling, repeated visits to the same location and no-access areas
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Facility access control

  • Grant Access only to approved employees and visitors
  • Monitor entrances, loading docks and access areas
  • Enable Touchless Access functions in response to COVID and health concerns
  • Identify and track people wearing face masks

Quadrant control

  • Enhance response time to real-life situations using AI-driven automation to prevent security breaches
  • Consolidate multiple camera feeds to a video wall to be monitored by fewer personnel
  • Enhance situational awareness of personnel and on-site visitors
  • Create permissions and monitor access of white-listed personnel within designated areas

Cabinet access control

  • Cameras are installed over or inside racks but require a human to make sure the correct person is accessing the rack
  • Manage permissions and guidelines of approved personnel to access cabinets and track when cabinets are opened.
  • Time limitations can be set for staff and access frequency is monitored
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Safety at work

There are about 100 deaths per month on the job in 2019 in the USA and about 100.000 forklift accidents every year, which has a direct impact on the company’s reputation, attractiveness, but moreover on employee’s safety feeling & productivity. It’s a high priority for manufacturers to ensure safety at all stages. The key is to ensure compliance with safety standards to prevent workplace accidents.

Protection equipment detection

Our solution detects if of a worker is not wearing his/her personal protective equipment (PPE) like ear plugs, helmet, gloves or anti-covid mask.. the server analyzes this information in real time and triggers an alert to production site managers.

Other use cases:

• Detect if workers are in an hazardous and life-threatening
• Detect environmental risks or hazards at the right time
• Detect real-time abnormal situation (People on the ground..)
• Detect dangerous driving situations with forklifts, trucks

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