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How edge computing can help secure your IoT?

How edge computing can help secure your IoT?

As organizations develop their IoT network, each device can represent a potential vulnerable end point. IoT networks are far from data center and companies’ main locations, which creates an issue on the network visibility and control.

Moreover, one should consider the risk it is physically manipulated and can be stolen. While IoT solutions appeared to be a main target of cyber-attacks, edge computing can support you secure your networks and enhance overall data privacy.

Edge computing can make the network safer: it installs a strong security architecture that can help to bring a secure IoT network. First, sensitive data for critical applications is processed at the edge, it reduces the potential of cyberattacks when being transferred in a centralized architecture. The less sensitive information is sent through your IoT network and reserved in the cloud, the better secure your network will be.

Furthermore, highly secured edge computing server are encrypted, include an intrusion sensor which disables the machine in case of physical attacks. A secure boot process can be put in place including signed firmware., the bootloader and the OS should be certified TPM and the disk are encrypted. These specifications are essential to guarantee the full security of your edge & IoT network.

Overall, the network requires the same level of security, redundancy, and service visibility that are applied in centralized architecture. In the cases of a very broad and complex network map of edge computing servers and IoT, leadership should consider using managed services to ensure the hardware is regularly updated and proper security protocols are followed. Moreover, edge computing server stabilizes the flow of data processing and grants from interruptions of network.

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