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Why edge computing is about to solve major IoT issues?

Decentralized architectures will boost the power and spread of Internet of Things devices.

The exponential growth of IoT devices in every sector are leading executives in organization to consider decentralized approach, to process data at the edge. According to Gartner, there will be 25 billion IoT devices in 2021, which represents 20% growth compared to 2020. This tremendous increase leads to additional strains on the IT architecture, which leads to an increase in latency.

As customers required real time response, current IT infrastructures will struggle to meet these needs. Edge computing can overcome IoT devices limitations, thanks to its capacity to process data at the edge of the networks, instead of running all data through a remote data center. Thus, data is analyzed at its source in real time independently of IoT devices increase. Once data is processed at the edge, results can be sent to cloud applications.

The benefits of edge computing are breakthrough

Preserve network bandwidth & reduce latency

Edge computing operates close to end users & at the data source. This reduces the amount of data send to the cloud, ultimately saving network bandwidth and reducing latency. Edge erases the lag time between IoT and offers the highest responsiveness required by consumers

Uninterrupted services

Data processing is operated on the edge (shop floor, plant, on a road, on vessels etc) independently of the network connectivity available. Performance and uptime are independent from network fluctuations.

Real time data

Data is streamlined without the hurdles inherent in IT centralization. An edge computing server is an autonomous entity focused entirely on specific data sets, with less processing lag time.


Analyzing voluminous and complex video streams in real time is very costly in the cloud because the expense depends on the volume processed. Whereas, the cost of video streams processing in an edge computing server remains stable however the increase of volume.


Processing and controlling data at the source increases IT ownership and reduces risks of data theft.

Blockchain data transparency and governance sharing illustration

Edge computing enhance IoT potential in manufacturing, medicine, transport, industry, agriculture and in all kinds of environments. Edge computing has ability to process data in an intelligent way, as near as possible to its source, which will extend the IoT potential.

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