Edge Data Analytics

Atos Edge Data Analytics enables organizations to improve their IoT business models with predictive and prescriptive solutions.

  • It is a complete environment dedicated to real-time streaming analytics and running on BullSequana Edge.
  • It uses edge datalake capabilities to make data trustworthy and useable and to ensure data quality, security and privacy.
  • Tenfold potential of sensor analysis with real-time ingestion and monitoring without interruption.


Enables organizations to improve their business models with predictive and prescriptive solutions

Manage the complete data life-cycle – from data ingestion, data cleansing, data blending, data discovery, audit, data lineage and policy enforcement

Is designed to enable open source based hyperconverged infrastructure solutions which enable flexible resource sharing between nodes, with centralized management and security hardening.

Enable compatibility and minimizing risk – by providing on-site data storage to give full control of the data and its lifecycle, as well as full control over the infrastructure, the applications and the operations.

Codex Smart Edge

With Codex Smart Edge, a highly-scalable industrial IoT and Edge Computing Platform, Atos provides the flexibility required to manage industrial operations efficiently and in real-time from any location, in a highly secure way.

Learn more on Codex Smart Edge

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