Edge computing for retailers

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  • Key challenges to overcome with real time analytics
  • Why edge computing is key in smart retail?
  • Applications of edge computing to improve store analytics, customer experience, loss prevention and queue management
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Store analytics

50% of top retails will implement video analytics in stores to drive business revenue.

To develop customer experience, video analytic solutions can now process information to identify customers itineraries, identify queue delay and abnormal situation or behavior. More specifically, customer itineraries help retailers to optimize shopping experience and increase sales opportunities. This information is crucial for brands, which invest a lot in promotions to boost sales

  • Visitors Demographics
  • Customer Journey
  • Instore space optimization
  • Customer Experience

Loss prevention

Retailer lose 1.4-2% of Revenue to theft

Retailers can increase revenues with broader opening hours up to 24/24 7/7 without increasing staff. Computer vision on edge computing can guarantee security and prevent theft at automatic pay stations thanks to real time video analytics. In case of emergency or abnormal situations, an action is triggered in real time. This allows customers to enjoy shopping at any time of day and night.

Cameras are installed at the automatic cash registers. Deep learning algorithms analyze massive (1 GIGA bits per second) and complex video data in real time. Detection of fraud at the cash register or attempted theft is immediately reported.

  • Ticket switching
  • Mis-scanning
  • Security

Autonomous shopping

Autonomous check-out locations to increase x4 in the next 3 years.

Autonomous shopping will allow customer in-store shopping experience be flawless, fast, and convenient to their individuals needs.

  • Autonomous check out
  • Nano stores
  • Smart cabinets
  • Security

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