Quality control: one of the biggest stakes for manufacturers.

Edge computing benefits

Analyze high volume video data

The installation of a camera tunnel requires very high computing power to analyze large volumes of video data in real time. Indeed, cameras scan products at 360 degrees, which produces 1GIGA BITS of data per minute. This type of analysis from workforce would be extremely costly and time-consuming. Edge computer vision uses deep learning algorithms to analyze video data flows, using the computing power of the BullSequana Edge.

Decide in real time

Real-time decision speeds up the production process. BullSequana Edge allows you to obtain information on a defective product 22x faster. Here, critical lead times on quality control chains are optimized 24H 7/7.

Secure data locally

Intrusion detection and data encryption systems protect your data from external threats.

Reduce costs

Data storage and analysis cost in the cloud is significant for high volume and complex data. Thanks to local and autonomous storage and analysis, BullSequana Edge allows lower costs. Data is sent to the cloud for mid-long term storage and monitoring.

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