Highly-scalable industrial IoT and Edge Computing Platform

Faced with vast numbers of IoT devices producing incredible volumes of IoT data, industrial companies are already seriously considering the Edge computing model in combination with Swarm. With Codex Smart Edge, a highly-scalable industrial IoT and Edge computing platform.

Atos provides the flexibility required to manage industrial operations efficiently and in real-time from any location, in a highly secure way. It allows to quickly build and deliver interoperability between devices, applications and services for many industrial Use Cases. It also provides the foundation for industrial Internet of Things and thus opens interesting development opportunities for the future. Atos Codex Smart Edge natively comes with ready to use assets to quickly compose your project application matching your vertical. Components range from industrial data collection, simple calculations to AI based edge analytics and scoring, data visualization and export to main market cloud platforms.

Waste water treatment

Improve operational efficiency and cut operational costs for major plant infrastructure

Power Generation

Prescriptive maintenance and condition-based monitoring for critical power generation equipment

Data Analytics for hydropower

Connected buildings

Improve efficiency of energy consumption for connected buildings

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