Atos delivers AI to the enterprise with its BullSequana Edge.

Paris, April 12th, 2021

Modern enterprises are facing huge data volumes and a need for real-time analytics from AI solutions and algorithms. Processing AI at the edge, close to the source of the data, can meet the challenges of performance, latency, and security. For this, inference capabilities are essential. Atos, with its BullSequana Edge server, equipped with two NVIDIA T4 Tensor Core GPUs, meets the most demanding workloads in computer vision and data analytics.

Moreover, the BullSequana Edge is a validated NGC-Ready System, designed for the NVIDIA EGX platform and optimized for edge computing. This allows customers to quickly deploy and efficiently run AI workloads, from data center to edge. In addition, the BullSequana Edge has been optimized to support NVIDIA Fleet Command, which greatly facilitates the secure management and deployment of AI applications to distributed edge sites.

Atos delivers an end-to-end offering – from hardware, performance, manageability, and software-defined infrastructure – to fit any industry and deliver real-time intelligence in retail stores, manufacturing plants, hospitals, smart cities, and more. It is the unifying foundation of a broad ecosystem of industry-leading AI partner applications and Atos’ patented solution, Codex AI Vision.

Finally, the BullSequana Edge, thanks to the NVIDIA EGX cloud-native platform and its Google Anthos Bare Metal certification, runs legacy and cloud-native apps at the edge. Cloud application workloads are processed at the edge, creating a seamless architecture from data center to cloud to edge.

On April 12, NVIDIA announced at its annual GTC conference the addition of two new GPUs in the NVIDIA EGX platform: NVIDIA A10, which is optimized for graphics and simulation workloads, and NVIDIA A30, for edge AI inference. Both NVIDIA GPUs will be available through Atos servers later this year.

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