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Digital is now at the heart of enterprises strategies. The key question for each organization: how to be a disrupter rather than being disrupted?

Partnering for Digital Transformation

The digital journey is like a sport. They both demand determination, performance, reinvention and persistence. We can never do these alone. Every step towards progress is the result of constant challenge and collaboration. Every journey needs a partner. Atos – Trusted partner for your Digital Journey.

A business-driven method

In the coming digital age, you need to start from the fundamentals: your digital strategy. With our digital experts and Atos Consulting practice, we help you formalize it around the four core business challenges: customer intimacy, business efficiency, business models and trust.

Customer experience

Customer Experience

Orchestrate your channels to provide the best on-demand, contextual and personalized services

Operational excellence

Operational excellence

Radically re-align your cost structures and generate efficiencies through all business processes

Business Reinvention

Develop new monetization models and gain leadership in the upcoming platform economy

Trust and compliance

Trust and Compliance

Secure your assets and transactions, prevent fraud; and lay the global foundation for digital trust.

Atos Digital Transformation Factory: the digital transformation accelerator

When it comes to implementation, successful digital strategies requires fast to value, agile and scalable solutions. To deliver the best results on time, at cost and at specification, Atos has developed four ready to deploy, end-to-end blueprints:

Orchestrated Hybrid Cloud

Orchestrated Hybrid Cloud solutions to expand your
existing IT assets into the cloud.

Atos Codex, Connected Intelligence

Transform your data into business outcomes with
business-driven analytics, cognitive and IoT.

Atos Business Accelerators

The seamless framework to build and run your real-time
business processes in this Cloud environment.

Atos Digital Workplace

The smart and mobile workplace to allow your collaborators
and customers to benefit from information in
the most efficient way.

These four pillars support the fast implementation of all Atos digital solutions, from industry 4.0 and Application Transformation to Automation & Robotics and Digital Customer Experience. They are highly secured and complemented by Atos Cyber Security and Digital Payments offerings.

Atos Digital Transformation Factory does not only help you get the best of digital Innovation to support your digital strategy today. It is the most agile, scalable and open platform to attract and grow your digital business ecosystem for the future.

What our clients say about us


Creating the industry of the future

“Our partnership with Atos forms one of the largest strategic relationships ever between a global engineering company and a global IT provider. It serves as a living example of a true European Champion created by France and Germany. Combining our strengths, we enable our customers around the globe to take full advantage of the next wave of industrial IT.”

Joe Kaeser, President and CEO, Siemens AG

View the Siemens Press Release here

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