DevOps the Journey – White Paper

The journey of a continuous delivery implementation.

Currently DevOps (an abbreviation of Development and Operations) is creating a worldwide buzz due to its ability to decrease IT operational costs while improving software quality and speeding up time to market. DevOps reorganizes software development and operational departments in order to remove the operational boundaries that currently generate inefficiencies in terms of time to market for new features and software quality. It includes the implementation of Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration, Automated testing, Application monitoring and other best practices in Software Development and Operations.

To start a DevOps implementation program the organization assesses its current situation and desired targets for each application silo. Using a DevOps maturity model, experts are able to assess the current ‘as-is’ situation of the organization in a number of different DevOps key areas. They propose a ‘to-be’ situation based on the organizations needs and budget.

The costs for implementing DevOps is a lot lower for new applications than it is for existing applications in a maintenance mode because investments such as increasing the automated test coverage will only be recovered if they can be executed frequently, which is more likely for new application development projects.

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DevOps the journey – White Paper

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