Delivering Business Insight – Positioning Paper


Delivering Business Insight with Fast-Track Analytics – Positioning Paper

The biggest changes in business practice and technology rarely happen with a bang. This is certainly true for business analytics. Waves of development overlap with different organizations showing significantly different levels of experience and maturity.

Many of our clients have been keen advocates of the Business Intelligence systems which first began to gain serious traction back in the 1990s. Atos itself has been particularly focused on helping streamline and consolidate complex multiple data flows to reveal actionable business intelligence.

While continuing to support established Business Intelligence practices, we now need to work together to prepare for a radically different analytical landscape. From a technology perspective, this new landscape is characterized by big data and realtime insight systems; by cognitive computing and robotics; and by the continual rise in mobile and machine-to-machine communications.

Atos Codex gives you the techniques, tools and processes you need to make this business-changing step from Business Intelligence to agile analytics while preparing for a future built on Robotic Automation and Cognitive Computing.

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Delivering Business Insight – Positioning Paper

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Andrew Stevenson

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