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Trusted Blockchain – How can you ensure the blockchain is truly secure?

Decentralized management of multi-actor confidence

With growing interest in cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, the underlying blockchain technology has become an important subject of interest.

Contrary to the conventional wisdom, the potential benefits of blockchain are more than just financial: they extend into many domains such as IoT, government, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, energy, supply chain and education.

Why blockchain?

Blockchain technology is revolutionary and is considered to be a disruptive innovation. It consists of a distributed digital ledger that cannot be corrupted: it can keep records of more than just financial transactions. Blockchain and distributed ledgers bring decentralized trust, making it possible for companies to work together — even if they do not explicitly trust each other but have common interests.

Beyond the hype, blockchain is becoming a reality.

Atos is leveraging blockchain technology to advance and lead a revolution to reduce fraud in retail, increase supply chain transparency, build and reinforce trust in emerging experiential relationships between consumers and suppliers. Atos provides security and access rights management based on its long-term cybersecurity experience (digital identities, digital signatures, hardware security modules and smart cards), while maintaining the sovereignty of customer data.

Consortium Trusted Blockchain Security

Consortium blockchains

By creating a consortium of companies with a shared business goal, Atos can help adopt this new technology to enable decentralized trust and simplify communication between partners. Only authenticated companies with the right credentials can access and participate in these consortia.

Data control

Data can be written, but is only readable by the issuing company, which can decide later whether or not this information should be shared with other companies in the consortium. Additionally, certain access rules can be implemented to govern participant interactions with the blockchain.

Identity Management for IoT - Trusted blockchain security

Identity management

Unlike most public blockchains which rely on anonymity, Atos has developed a data governance utility connected to the private and permissioned blockchain solution, Hyperledger. Identities are managed by security tools such as Smart Cards, PKIs and HSMs.

Business Experiences

Business Experience Blockchain

  • Atos was involved with PRO BTP, a French social protection group, to implement a proof of concept for the secure repository and traceability of document deposits that runs on the Ethereum Blockchain.


  • Atos is working with the IRT SystemX Technology Research Institute, car manufacturers, insurance companies and energy providers to set up private blockchain networks which can fight against fraud in car maintenance records, and offer a decentralized energy marketplace. A specific area of research is the role of blockchain technologies and consensus algorithms in IoT security.


  • Atos also developed a data privacy and governance layer on the private blockchain Hyperledger, which demonstrates our expertise on this ecosystem.

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