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CardOS for IoT

From identity to trust

Smart Cards are a well-established and mature technology to improve the trustworthiness and accountability of electronic transactions by providing a secure proof of identity of the card holder.

Due to new requirements coming from national or international regulation (e.g. Sarbanes-Oxley-Act (SOX)) and cost reduction demands, smart cards are increasingly introduced in different fields of public and private sectors, namely for e-government, e-administration, social services, tourism as well as for IT and physical access control in enterprise environments. It offers offers a multitude of applications like eID, ePassports, citizen cards, health insurance and health professional cards, employee badges, driver licenses, signature cards, as well as loyalty cards.

Through our leading CardOS® solutions, we provide you with smart cards that guarantee identity and control access and make you more efficient in your business and your interactions with customers and citizens. CardOS from Atos is a multifunctional native smart card operating system, which is extendable by customized packages to amend or adjust the operating system functionality.

Efficiency and reliability

CardOS Smart Cards give you enormous benefits in terms of secure working, which creates further benefits in terms of efficiency and productivity, and reduces material and operational costs as well as the costs associated with information loss.

Custom-made security

Because Atos is experienced in the needs of every sector and in security processes, we can tailor-make a solution for your business that precisely matches your processes, needs and goals.


Our CardOS Smart Cards are based on Infineon chips and our own high-end operating system CardOS – a system that meets the highest quality requirements and is compatible with all relevant Smart Card standards.

Atos integrates smart card solutions across your business processes:

Central user administration, role administration and single sign-on systems with Smart Cards
Document encryption and digital signatures with Smart Cards (e-mail, documents and media)
Security Solutions with Smart Card technologies
Embedded security solutions with smart card controllers

The possible solutions with smart cards cover:

Identification (access, ID-cards, passports …)
IT access (logon, boot protection, file/folder or media encryption)
Physical access and access control/supervision (building, special areas or rooms, garage …)
Document authentication by digital signatures (document archives, workflow solutions …)
Payment solutions (cantina, vending machines …)
Service authorization (tourism, social services …)
Authentication with One Time Passwords (OTP).

The CardOS product range includes:

CardOS, certified Smart Card operating system for employee identification – and ID card projects
CardOS API, middleware for application use through CardOS Smart Cards

CardOS OTP, one Time Password generation with CardOS
CardOS DI, the multifunctional smart card operating system with dual interface for the highest demands

For more information, download the factsheets below.

CardOS – the advantages you get at a glance:
Secure identification and authentication
 Secure, integrated electronic processes
Support for electronic signatures
Cost reduction through simplified processes
Data protection through encryption
Simple operation, high rate of acceptance

Smart Cards that meet the most demanding requirements

Our CardOS Smart Cards are based on Infineon chips and our own high-end operating system CardOS – a system that meets the highest quality requirements and is compatible with all relevant Smart Card standards. The security solution is completed by CardOS API, a proven and widely used software programme, with which CardOS smartcards are seamlessly integrated in all relevant system environments. With this powerful package, the infrastructure is able to be adapted flexibly at any time and the administration of smartcards remains uncomplicated, cost efficient and secure. Security from Siemens IT Solutions and Services is that simple.

For more information about the specifications, download the factsheets below.

The Atos solution is based on a dedicated security controller which can be easily integrated into an existing ECU (Electronic Control Unit) without deeply affecting the complete board design. Infineon’s SLI 97 was selected as the security chip to provide the required automotive qualification and the requested performance for automotive applications. Together with the chip platform Infineon provides a cryptographic library which supports the cryptographic functionality.

On top of this platform Atos implements its well-known operating system CardOS®, which performs the cryptographic functionality over standard interfaces like ISO 7816, SPI or I2C. CardOS is a multifunctional native operating system, which provides a high level of flexibility by adapting the file structure. In addition, it is extendable by customized packages to amend or adjust the operating system functionality.

To ease implementation of the cryptographic functionality Atos also offers the abstraction layer CardOS API, which can be used to access the keys and cryptographic functionality of the Atos secure element via high level interfaces, like PKCS#11 or automotive specific standards.

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Atos provides products in the field of embedded device security in the context of Infineon Security Partner Network with a solution for connected cars.

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Atos is members of the LoRaAlliance and provides trust security services to deliver keys and certificate for IoT.

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