Penetration Testing Services

Identify, evaluate and address the security gaps to safeguard your assets

Don’t let adversaries dictate your security strategy, get your Pentest done

Cyber incidents will occur. It just takes one successful attack to put organizations in jeopardy.

Outside groups constantly probe for weaknesses and exploitability in infrastructures. Organizations need to continuously assess their policies, procedures and deployed controls to ensure they have the appropriate tools to answer these threats. Pentesting can help them evaluate their effectiveness to address emerging risks and ensure the safety and security of organizations’ resources, assets and data.


of breaches could have been prevented in 2018

(source: ISOC)

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What is Pentesting?

Pentesting, also known as penetration testing, is a process to continuously evaluate the security investments from outside-in and help organization to proactively focus on the prevention and recovery plans before it is too late.

Pentesting: more than a question of security

Cyber incidents are creating an unacceptable level of financial impact – and the success of an organization, more than ever, is absolutely aligned to the effectiveness of their cybersecurity defenses.

The consequences of a breach go far beyond the high fines, data loss – the negative publicity and the loss of trust can be much harder to cope with. Today, customer’s satisfaction, reputation and stability are directly tied to and depend on the organization’s operation readiness and security posture.

Identify your weakest spots & remediate

Atos penetration testing services provide management compliance verification of existing defenses against vulnerabilities and measures the effectiveness of security in-place. By leveraging an approach based on the leading industry standard controls (NIST, PCI, ISO, CJIS, etc.) the organization will have an immediate view into how it effectively protects and detects its critical assets.

Network mapping

Visualize all the devices on the network to check each part when conducting a Pentest


Real-world scenario simulation

Protect against malware, DDoS attacks and other known cybersecurity threats through periodic assessment of organization operation readiness

Regulatory compliance

Provide the visibility and evaluate the cybersecurity operation readiness, identify and remediate anomalies to strengthen organization’s strategic investments and compliance


Are you ready?


It is critical for organizations to understand where they stand with their cybersecurity strategy and where they need to focus. Atos Pentesting services helps CISOs answer the following questions:

  • Are you safe from zero-days attacks?
  • Are your web applications secure?
  • Is your wireless network secure and hardened enough against cyberattacks?
  • Are your employees affected by phishing and social engineering threats?
  • Do you know if your intrusion detection capabilities are effective and where your weakest controls are?

How Atos Pentesting services can benefit your organization

Strenghten your cybersecurity expertise

Atos pentesting services provide organizations with deep insights into the strengths and weaknesses of deployed security controls and defenses, benchmark industry best practices and build a prescriptive plan to protect enterprise assets and resources.

Align your cybersecurity and operations strategy

Atos consulting experts can support organizations in bringing operational alignment, consistency and confidence to their cybersecurity vulnerability management program. Pentesting services are an essential and critical investment to evaluate and strengthen the effectiveness of the cybersecurity program and drive compliance.

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