Cybersecurity Capability Assessment (CCA) Services

Measure your cybersecurity strategy & effectiveness

How is your cybersecurity program really performing?


Today, most organizations implement various cybersecurity solutions in their infrastructure to protect their valuable asset. However how to be sure that they are performing well enough to counter the new advancements made by cybercriminals? An independent and experienced review is often needed to detect potential vulnerabilities and act on them.

Cybersecurity capability assessment (CCA) helps organizations to identify, measure and report on the organization’s cybersecurity capability, adequacy of safeguards and its ability to respond and recover from cybersecurity threats. It also provides key stakeholders with a current state and desired state maturity scorecard.

$3.92 M

is the average cost of a data breach in 2019

(source: CSO)

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Cyberscurity has now become the boardroom conversation


The disclosure of more and more data breaches in the news recently has prompted the boards of directors to ask for regular cybersecurity reports. This increased focus is a new factor taken into account when making business decisions. CCA helps organizations stay informed and relevant while guiding them in decision-making.

A cybersecurity program should enhance and support business agility, provide business enablement and deliver business assurance in terms of security and trust. As business embraces and adopts new market conditions such as Cloud, Internet of Things (IoT) and Anytime-Anywhere access, it becomes critical to stay informed on the threat landscape to improve resilience and cybersecurity.

What Atos can do for you


The Atos Cybersecurity Capability Assessment (CCA) Services provide a comprehensive review of all aspects of an organization’s cybersecurity posture and effectively communicates the state of security that key stakeholders can utilize to strategize and prioritize organizational cybersecurity needs.

Numeric score for cybersecurity
capability and readiness

Provide a complete risk oversight into the current state capability through a well-recognized framework

Holistic and in-depth approach

Go beyond a mere technology-focused analysis by carefully considering business constraints and goals, as well as legal requirements

Roadmap to target state

Accomplish the desired capability score through a clear roadmap with a more risk-informed strategy


Are you ready?


Cybersecurity Capability Assessment can benefit your organization by answering the following answers:

  • Are my valuable assets protected?
  • Are we compliant with the current regulations?
  • Are the security investments made by my organization effective and efficient?

How Atos Cybersecurity Capability Assessment can benefit your organization


Benefit from better visibility and understanding

Atos CCA services help your organisation better understand the current state of its security capabilities. With the right risk-based approach, our experts will measure your cybersecurity readiness and ability to respond to a threat. You will get a clear maturity score to improve your compliance and risk posture.

Get to your desired cybersecurity state

With Atos CCA, get a clear vision and strategy to strenghten your cybersecurity program performance. Our expert team can support you to strategize and prioritize next cybersecurity investments (people, process and technology) in regards with your industry’s requirements and evolution.

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