CISO as a Service

Advisor, technologist, roadmap strategist and operational expert

CISO as a Service: your top cybersecurity talent


Digital transformation, disruptive digital business models, local and international regulatory compliance and similar emerging trends & needs are reshaping the markets. They are redefining the businesses, their supply chains and brand relevance.

The top priority for cybersecurity executives is to manage, govern and secure IT & OT, as well as manage all associated enterprise risks and enable the organization to meet its objectives. Chief information security officers, also known as CISOs, assess, manage and minimize enterprise risks from new and emerging attack surface and emerging threats.

With CISO as a service, organizations benefit from having access to cybersecurity experts and leaders, on demand, and delegate the work to security professionals to focus on the core business objectives.


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skilled resources required by 2021

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The guidance of a cybersecurity expert


With today’s emerging trends, traditional security architecture and network boundaries tend to blur. The complexity to manage and operate this expanding environment highlights the needs to continuously safeguard the growing attack surface.

CISO as a service cybersecurity experts play a role as advisors, technologists, roadmap strategists and operational experts. They can help on the following areas:

  • Advise senior management and boardroom on state of security and cyber risks with a focus on people, process and technology safeguards
  • Drive a long-term cybersecurity roadmap (e.g. 3 year plan)
  • Guide the organization’s experts on continuous, effective and efficient operations for cybersecurity

Get your CISO as a Service

Atos CISO as a Service drives cybersecurity conversation to engage key stakeholders around a foundational question “Is your cybersecurity program ready to support organizations’ digital strategy (digital trends, digital transformation) and address any emerging threats?” – and lead the discussion to seek opportunities for developing a continuous assessment program to identify, evaluate, measure, address the gaps to safeguard enterprise assets and resources from emerging threats and support the digital strategy.

Prepare & analyze

Conduct cybersecurity capability assessments to identify gaps in the enterprise security program, readiness and program maturity and then define a cybersecurity program baseline and a to-be desired state.


Partner together to review the overall vision and strategy and align business objective and cybersecurity and risk objectives to drive security investments, technology selection & establish a roadmap.

Build the roadmap

Establish the cybersecurity and risk management program & governance and compliance roadmap including: administrative, technical, physical and operational processes and controls, policy, standards, and safeguards.

Are you ready?


CISO as a Service helps you answer the following questions and can guide you on the steps to take:

  • How to fine tune cybersecurity program to keep pace with digital trends?
  • What additional safeguards are required for the emerging tech?
  • Is our security program and investment comparable to industry?
  • Is my protection strategy adequate to secure my organization and my clients?
  • Are the regulatory requirements taken care of?

What are the trends?

Experts predict that CISOs will be more and more CSOs. The “I” (Information) could disappear as IT and OT begin to be viewed as one. CSOs renewed focus will be that wherever there’s technology, it needs to be secured. Their role will expand and gain new responsibilities.

How Atos CISO as a Service can benefit your organization

Benefit from business acumen

Atos CISO as a service provides companies access to seasoned and experienced cybersecurity leaders with discrete expertise in the areas that present challenges. These leaders have domain and industry knowledge to identify, assess, measure, deliver roadmaps and recommendations to minimize risks.

Drive compliance and visibility

CISO-as-a-Service brings business and operational alignment, consistency and confidence to organizations’ cybersecurity program. It is an essential and critical investment for the enterprise to evaluate and strengthen the effectiveness of the cybersecurity program and drive regulatory compliance.

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CISO as a service

Benefit from having access to cybersecurity experts and leaders, on demand, and delegate the work to security professionals to focus on the core business objectives.

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