Anti-Phishing Services

Defend against social engineering phishing campaigns

Are you equipped to identify malicious content?


To differentiate legitimate content from fraudulent ones is getting harder by day– and phishing social engineering attack methods thrive on these innovative techniques to remain the single largest threat to the organizations.

Atos provides comprehensive anti-phishing services, that go beyond the technical tool based security approach. They measure all aspects of the cybersecurity awareness program, the threats and opportunities. Anti-Phishing services help develop a proactive, flexible, cost-effective, repeatable model to address and defend against sophisticated social engineering phishing threats.


of IT security breaches are the direct result of some form of phishing

(source: Verizon)

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The social engineering phishing landscape is evolving: protect your users


Phishing techniques and their success rates to penetrate the internal IT are continuously evolving and improving. Hackers now succeed to find new entry points to defraud by widening targets, from traditional platforms to SaaS-based enterprise emails and online file-sharing platforms including popular social media platforms.

The operational and financial impacts to the organization are today much larger. For example, if a compromised privileged account is used to gain unauthorized access to the organization perimeter, existing cybersecurity defenses do not block their communications because the senders are considered as real and legitimate.

What anti-phishing services can do for you


Our Anti-Phishing offer provides enterprise security awareness services to assess understanding and reaction to enterprise threats from social engineering attacks. Our cybersecurity experts also guide your organization to defend organizations’ resources, assets, and investments from such threats and elevate the effectiveness of the security awareness across the enterprise.


Data analytics & Phishing Readiness Score

Helps organizations to assess, monitor, report and provide comprehensive phishing readiness

Multiple Simulation assessments

Assess constituent’s
ability to identify, prevent, detect, respond and effectively recover, from such threats

Security Awareness

Deliver end to end solution to strengthen the Cybersecurity Security awareness program, with focus on social engineering phishing

Are you ready?


Anti-phishing services can benefit your organization by answering the following answers:

  • Is my cybersecurity program prepared to defend against sophisticated and advanced social engineering phishing campaigns?
  • Which of my users need additional training awareness and when?
  • Who clicked a malicious link and when?
  • Is my awareness program effective?


How will Anti-Phishing Consulting benefit my organization?


Anti-Phishing consulting provides insights into current state capability and defines a clear roadmap to accomplish the desired capability – develop both strategical and tactical plan to align cybersecurity investments and meet organizations objectives. Disover here in which use cases they are the most profitable for your organization:

Keep pace with new phishing methods

Are you enough equiped to identify malicious content? To defend against sophisticated, persistent and global social engineering phishing campaigns, organizations need to keep pace and be aware of the newer methods used by the adversary. Scenarios mimicking these new techniques helps organizations know if they have the required skills to recognize fraudulent attempts and when they need periodical upgrades.

Time of Click Awareness

It takes an effective integration of good organization practices, training programs and continuous monitoring to establish a successful methodology that minimizes the threats from social engineering and phishing. To drastically reduce the occurrence of such attempts, it is critical to empower your employees. When a user clicks on a malicious URL, it is detected in real-time. For active learning purposes, a pop-up window appears explaining the situation to the user providing immediate awareness impact.

Test on all devices

An efficient anti-phishing reporting should take into account every type of devices from laptops to mobile phones and tablets.

Atos added value


It takes an effective integration of good organization practices, awareness and training programs and continuous monitoring to establish a successful methodology to minimize the threats from social engineering and phishing and drastically reduce the occurrence of such attempts. Atos will partner with you to help drive security decisions to protect your valuable assets, to provide situational awareness and to justify the ROI on security spend.

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Anti-Phishing services

Detect and defend against sophisticated, persistent, global social engineering phishing campaigns.

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