GSM-R Dispatcher

Managing railway communications – easily and effectively

Modern passengers and cargo customers expect nothing less than perfection from a railway operator. In a business where even a 5-minute delay is a major cause of complaints, railway operators need to ensure that every staff member knows exactly what to do in order to enable the complex interplay of operations necessary to guarantee efficiency and safety.

This task can only be accomplished with railway control centers equipped with a state-of-the-art GSM-R dispatching solution.

The challenge


In order to meet customer demands and the highest safety standards, railway operators need an efficient and reliable solution for managing railway communication.

The solution


Atos GSM-R Dispatcher is a comprehensive, feature-rich, highly reliable and scalable dispatching solution, based on a multi-technology and multi-vendor platform. It is fully compliant with EIRENE and MORANE standards and built specifically for distributed controller positions in the railway environment. Thanks to its high availability and flexible architecture, it efficiently manages the complete voice and text messaging communication between control centers and field staffs, such as drivers, track workers and shunters.

Complete solution for cost-effective wireless railway communication


Feature rich and fully EIRENE/MORANE-compliant

Graphical User Interface (operation client) – intuitive and easy to use

A direct, intuitive and user-friendly GUI that supports modern touch screens.

High availability & reliability

No compromises for data availability thanks to state-of-the-art redundancy concept.

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