Border control

Protection of people and assets

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Border protection

To help sovereign states effectively protect their borders from multiple threats, Atos has developed a comprehensive portfolio of solutions. The portfolio consists of solutions for the day-to-day control of people and goods at borders, and for dealing with major threats (terrorism, drug trafficking, illegal border crossing…)

Regulated and unregulated borders

Atos Border control solutions cover both regulated borders such as airports, and unregulated borders such as sea and air.

Fixed and mobile borders

Organizations need to establish secured controls while improving passenger flow.

Adapted to all environments

Atos solutions cover land, maritime and aerial borders.

Regulated border control

Identification of persons


At the borders, many controls take place every day: facial recognition, identification of vehicles, their license plates and their passengers.

Our proven solutions for routine checks combine facial recognition, cameras, and document and fingerprint readers to secure checkpoints and maintain flow.

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-Entry-Exit Systems

-Smart matcher on card


Global surveillance


Knowing what is happening at the border and analyzing the situation is essential to avoid potential threats. Thanks to artificial intelligence, you can be notified of the situation in real time to make decisions as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our computer vision platform enables to identify events and behaviors, to reduce error rates, to guarantee people and asset safety, to deliver highest quality, to offer frictionless and personalized to your needs.

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Thorough control


Sometimes further verification are necessary to check people identity, origin or health. With our solutions, you can benefit from an optimal process that combines efficiency and reliability.

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Asylum seeker management validation

In the event of missing identity documents, our solutions use forensics on phones and voice recognition to identify individuals.

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Pandemic Risk Analysis

For pandemic control, in case of fever detection our solution uses phone forensics to find potential contact with risk areas.

Unregulated border control

Green and blue border protection

Mobile or fixed monitoring units enable early detection of objective targets and thus earlier intervention. This solution suits the needs of the armed forces, customs, the police and security agencies

Thanks to earlier detection, get rid of threats or can save human lives before any damage.

Spain has entrusted Atos with its SIVE project to develop a maritime border surveillance solution to combat illegal immigration.

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