Tax, Treasury and customs

Gaining control on Public Finance – through increased certainty in revenue collection

Tax, Treasury and customs

As populations grow and global financial and security pressures intensify, citizens are demanding that governments be made more accountable for what they achieve with taxpayers’ money. As a result, no government can afford outdated tax systems that are inefficient or waste precious resources. Yet while it might seem clear that there must be a better way using technology, making the right change happen can be challenging.

Atos offers the support of over 100 dedicated tax and customs experts. Our specialist Tax, State Treasury and Customs Business Unit has a wide range of experience within risk, evasion and analytics as well as implementation experience within a large number of tax and customs authorities throughout the world.

Losses from global tax systems account for more than $3 trillion a year.

Building confidence against the odds

Society is fueled by government revenues. Taxes and customs fund our services, ensure our safety, support our health and education, and underpin our aspirations. To reap these benefits, we must have certainty in the money cycle: collection systems that are secure and reliable; and citizens confident to pay what they owe.

Make life easier for taxpayers

With simpler interfaces and communications Statement.

Improve collections

Ensuring they’re accurate, fair and secure.

Enhance processes

So they are seamless, efficient and transparent.

Earn Citizen Trust

Through secure data, fraud, protection and fair administration.

Supporting more than 50 tax and customs authorities worldwide

Atos has a track record in working with governments to improve the ways they collect tax, engage with taxpayers, and support society. Through our unique blend of approaches, we have delivered:

  • Major technology evolution and IT architecture update for France’s customs and indirect taxation authority
  • Successful procurement, development, customization and implementation of e-ris integrated tax management and administration system for Egypt
  • Bespoke systems for integrated tariff management, declaration processing, new computerized transit, risk analysis, debt management, and security monitoring for a host of European countries
  • Process efficiency, standardized software and citizen-friendly administration for one of Europe’s most significant finance ministries.

Reduced revenue collection costs and ongoing administration support for a major European finance ministry.

Delivering certainty

Atos works with tax and customs authorities all over the world to optimize processes, reduce costs and errors, improve regulatory regimes, and build trust.

End to end Tax solutions

Tax administration is becoming ever more complex in our globalized economy and it demands ever more robust and comprehensive tax laws, better enforcement tools, and targeted audit systems.

End to end customs solutions

Atos’ e-biscus provides a reliable, durable information system that meets these challenges, and is at the core of Atos’ customs solutions.

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